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Who’s top 1 shark ? – Hungry Shark World

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Who’s top 1 shark ? – Hungry Shark World


  1. Hello developers of Hangry Shark World. I have an idea for you! Please reply me and accept my idea for consideration! I would like to see a mai shark in the game, this is my dream! This shark is Halloween and will come out on Halloween, this is an amber shark. It is transparent and inside it is a skeleton, this ancient shark frozen in amber! There are also frozen mosquitoes inside it! And yet she wears a huge bracelet with the sign of a dinosaur paw, because this shark is from the time of dinosaurs! She also has a Halloween skin, it is green and instead of mosquitoes, it will have candy!!! It will also have a super power – "Amber Ray". "Amber Ray" will freeze bombs, jellyfish, and other sharks for a few seconds!!! Thank you, Hangry Shark World!

  2. Next time, if Hungry Shark Primal gets released in the game anf no Early Access. Then you should have your own account: Hungry Shark Primal.

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