!! What are these Sharks After Megalodon ??? - Hungry Shark World - hungryshark.world

!! What are these Sharks After Megalodon ??? – Hungry Shark World

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!! What are these Sharks After Megalodon ??? – Hungry Shark World


  1. I'm so close just to get the Atomic shark

  2. next of the megalodon is the killer whale and after the killer whale is the big momma (dunkleosteus) after that atomic shark and the last is the zombie shark i hope you had all those sharks🖖🤘

  3. These sharks are Big Momma and Killer Whale

  4. I hack that game that means I'm a HACKER lol

  5. the father of killer whale and baby killer whale is will and willson the father lol

  6. Dunkleosteus, Killer Whale, Atomic Shark, Zombie Shark, Helicoprion, Mr Snappy, and finally, Robo Shark. EVERYBODY knows that! Well, unless they are new or haven't played the game…

  7. big momma dunkleosteus Killer whale atomic shark zombie shark buzz helicoprion mr snappy mosasaur robo shark this is arrange correctly its big momma first in my device and megalodon is only 250,000 gold coins not 300,000 lol I got some discount ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. Killer whale, dunkleosteus, atomic shark, zombie shark, mr. snappy and the robo shark

  9. No it's not after megalodon is big momma killer whale atomic shark zombie shark buzz Helicoprion Mr.Snappy the Mosasaur and the robo shark And There are 8 !! Sharks.

  10. Mr snappy robo shark and buzz the helicoprion are coming

  11. Those sharks are Killer Whale (Shark) and Big Momma

  12. It is killer whale ,big momma ,atomic shark, and zombie shark,mr.snappy

  13. Killer whale,buzz (helicoprion),big momma,zombie shark,mosasaur,robo shark,atomic shark,

  14. Old megalodon 300,000 New megalodon 250,000

  15. Killer whale
    Big momma
    Atomic shark
    Buzz (Helicorpion)
    Mr snappy

  16. its killer whale , big momma, zombie Shark , atomic shark, robo shark, buzz helicoptrion and mr snappy

  17. killer whale , big momma atomic shark, buzz (helicoprion) mr snappy (mossasaurus) and firs pyro shark

  18. Killer whale and dunkleosteus (big daddy)

  19. I have big momma but I did not buy killer whale it is so expensive

  20. Big momma. And killer whale🐋 and dark magic shark ,robo shark and ⚛ shark

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