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Top 10 strongest sharks in Hungry Shark World
The Rules in Top 10 Strongest Hungry Shark World :
– Only Playable Sharks
– All Sharks Max Level
– Skill Already Activated
– No Gold Rush
– No Equipment
– No Pets
– The Battle Start with Each Sharks at Far Left & Far Right Screen

Hungry Shark World on Android.

Music : In-Game Music

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  1. Ikan hiu giginya yang hijau itu bagus banget Bang kaya di Hungry Shark Evolution aku udah punya jadi itu di Hungry Shark Evolution

  2. I just got Mecha sharkjira !!!! Which one do you think is better ?
    Dark magic or Mecha sharkjira?

  3. Is the alpha zombie gonna be worth it at pearl hunting because he has a heal ability to survive longer?

  4. So I played with the dark magic shark its actually pretty good

  5. I wonder if the robo shark with the blast and the atomic breath is in this to

  6. I know this video have the three new sharks in the new update in hungry shark

  7. Wow I’m so suprissed so much because the 1st shark the sharkjrika

  8. Meca Sharjira Is on top Now today

    New subscriber😁😁😁

  9. Robo shark is stronger than meltdown shark

  10. Which is better, hungry shark world or evolution ❓❓

  11. What’s the best shark for Armageddon

  12. Mr Snappy The Mosasaurus Is Also Strong

  13. Is the Dark Magic Shark worth getting? cause theres a deal rn, and i have enough

  14. Big mamma is the best and biggest but the slowest

  15. How bwt killer whale

  16. The only problem with Dark Magic Shark is literally running out of things (edible or not) to eat.

  17. Ay alguien que able español aqui

  18. There is no details about the shark and its ranking its just you playing them in numbered order….

  19. How tf u make 11 million coins in 4 minutes

  20. U don't need jelly fish eater for meltdown lol overpowered

    Edit 6/6/21: Wow I got Alpha zombie shark, Dark magic shark and meltdown shark (chronologically) in practically 2 days!

  21. Hey, im decide to buy one of these 3 shark. Can someone recommend the best one between Ancient Megalondon, Alpha Zombie or Meltdown shark?

  22. Always it will be my favourite atomic shark

  23. When do sales happen cause I really want the Dark magic shark lol

  24. Although I played the game for a few years (2years and not daily) I still have to get alpha zombie shark and shin sharkjira.Also at the time of the this list imo meltdown shark is better than dark magic shark,the core meltdown does shout to different directions but they are equally strong as that of the dark magic sharks laser

  25. Is it just cause the side fins of the megalodon lokks like a chicken XD

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