TOP 10 BEST SHARKS - Hungry Shark World -

TOP 10 BEST SHARKS – Hungry Shark World

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This video shows the top 10 best sharks among the sharks in Hungry Shark World.

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  1. Top 4 best shark for grind 1. Meltdown shark2. Mecha sharkjira3. Mighty Matriach 4. Dark magic shark

  2. Dark magic shark is the 2nd best shark shin Godzilla is 1st

  3. Should I use the killer whale, big momma or the buzz shark

  4. Should I use the killer whale, big momma or the buzz shark

  5. Should I use the killer whale, big momma or the buzz shark

  6. My Favourite shark is Dark Magic Shark.
    The colour and texture detail of this shark fascinates me the most.
    The unique ability also comes handy.

  7. How long did it take you to get big momma

  8. when i saw dark magic shark for first time it looks like its so op with the abbility
    but stats sucks so idk if ima get it

  9. The dark matter shark stats is trash but the beam is the only thing that got it to top 4 cuz if he didn’t have that laser it would probably feel like a xxl shark

  10. Now how can one get Godzilla… sorry shin sharkjua

  11. shin sharkjira is better than the mecha sharkjira

  12. Robo should be at 5 tbh cuz it’s good

  13. My favourite meldown shark i hing its should be number 3 only bc it can walk on land and it fast on mand if you get jetpack it become so fun you literly become like traveling meldown shark and i like the details how it glow and the meldown potion and it looks like mech it actually that what i thing this video is still really good i agrée but i thing meldown should be number 3

  14. If you upgrade stats the shark would be better

  15. My fav shark is Meltdown shark as its core attack is good and it also boosts the speed making it the fastest shark even it has a trash speed and I have buyed it today as its cost was 3000 pearls coz it looks cool 😀

  16. Nice to get a good idea of what these sharks are like, I’ve only been using ancient melodeon bc it had decent stats and was the only special shark I had

  17. เนาวรา ภิญโญพันธ์ says:

    10.Big Momma
    9.Robo Shark
    7.Alpha Zombie Shark
    6.Ancient Megalodon
    5.Meltdown Shark
    4.Dark Megic Shark
    3.Cosmic Alan
    2.Shin Sharkjira
    1.Mecha Sharkjira

  18. Should I get meltdown shark because it only cost 3000 pearls or save up for the mecha shark Mira for double price

  19. All my unlocked sharks

    Whitetip reef


    Blue shark


    Sand shark

    And Heidi which I got from daily

  20. No way u put dark matter shark higher then meltdown shark

  21. I am very rich and I got more gems and more money Ty

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