The Hungry Shark World best sharks

The Hungry Shark World best sharks

There are 9 Size Tiers in the game: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, !!, Apex, and Atomic Shark. The roster expands periodically. In the Hungry Shark World, sharks arrive for dinner quite often. And what kind of party is that without the legends, the all-timers? Here’s the list of absolute superstars with special abilities, pros, and cons mentioned.


This is the first hero of the !! Tier. He can be unlocked by getting an XXL one. Unlike the rest of his category, he has no special abilities. Still, he’s one of the most popular among. There is a baby version of him named Max and available as a pet. Max brings plus 25% health and eats almost everything.

Hungry Shark World – Tiger Sharks

tiger shark

Just as aggressive as the real-life prototype, this one is from the XL pack. He has the best stats. But at the same time comes the lowest health. Eats dangerous Gulper Fish and inflated Puffer Fish. And the boost is pretty big.

Robo Shark

robo shark

The eighth of !! eats mines (even the proximity ones) and uses them to haunt a target. Up to 10 mines can be kept in this floating storehouse. Which also glides in the air – looks awesome, extra with a Jetpack. Shooting brings extra points but reduces health quickly. And it’s an expensive one: 750,000 coins or 500 gems with Big Momma and Killer Whale unlocked. Want to join in on the great io games? Play now!

Great White Shark

great white

The smallest of XXLs, having the leading stats. Also considered to be the first option in case you lack !! Tier. This one eats lots of stuff including Green Jellyfish, Whales, XXL opponents. Thanks to the size, it fits in tight spaces. Was remodeled to become all smooth and realistic.

Thresher Shark

thresher shark

This one is about speed. Having a modest M size is just what is needed to be fast and nimble. A rather cheap (14,000) character avoids mines and jellyfish brilliantly. Slow in health reducing, quick in getting gold rush.

Whale Shark

whale shark

About 50 feet of pure rage, second in the XXL-line. Pros here are the highest health and the biggest hit-box. While cons are more energy to waste and divers as a real problem. Plus, he is too big. For some maps, you might consider other Hungry Shark World sharks.

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