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Spent $1000 Unlocking The Secret God Tier Shark

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These sharks were worth every penny.
I was the god of the land, sea and part of the sky. I always love a good “eat everything you see” game and there’s nothing like Hungry Shark. Can’t wait to try out more of these bad boys next time.

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  1. i think it was that or another shark game where there were alot of HUGE crab bosses

  2. There was something in the air when he was flying!! I seen it !!!!

  3. I’ve been cursed to have the baby shark song stuck in my head just because DF said the words

  4. Why are the old hungry sharks getting this much attention after like 6+years of initial release

  5. *260$ spent for anyone wondering…
    edit at 15 mins in *390$
    edit at 20 mins in *650$ spent

  6. HEYYY DF when you're on a mega gold rush you can eat everything
    Literally EVERYTHING

  7. Soooo…. I downloaded this game from the Play store and… it's part of Google Play pass, so, alllll IAP's are free…. So, me, a noob… just p2w'd without paying lol. I think that one thing the play pass program does is expose just how flat most games with premium currency fall when you don't have to worry about financial constraints and can buy as much premium currency as you want.

  8. I've been playing this game since sophomore year. I just recently unlocked veteran great white and most sharks in-between

  9. Trivia: electric-eel is a knife-fish-species not an eel, and the other knife-fish are also electric; another electrocution-predator in the amazon killed Bindi's dad, Steve Irwin, but it got him with it's tail-barb, not the electrical-scoop of its fins under which it delivers heart-stopping-rigor; electrocution by thresher-shark, it's discovered, their tail isn't whipping but antennae'ing a bank of discharge into the circumference of its body-coil. These things just flex to zap, try it.

  10. The purple giant fish allways run away if you bite it

  11. this game is my childhood i used to play this on my grandmas ipad and it was the sheit

  12. It wasnt so realistic last time i played😅

  13. I love how he spends this much money when he can just download this on android play pass for $5 and get everything in the shop for free😂

  14. "how are we starving while we eat anything" 😭😭😭

  15. If he wanted a challenge he shpuldn’t went to the Chinese Sea I think it was.

  16. Tips if you in gold rush you can boost forever

  17. 過世宗法令郎君悅飯店嶼主權獨立戰爭期間他鄉親身

  18. 卜山山戈大十🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  19. How many euphemisms for penis entering mouth can a person put in a video, I believe DF could possibly hold the record lol

  20. df (finds a whale)
    also df oooo look at that shark what is it

  21. I love how you just seem so calm while you’re slowly destroying the ocean 🤣

  22. I love how he dies to trying to jump a mountain too accidentally buying a flying shark

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