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Spending $1000 Upgrading The Rarest Shark

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I Spent $1000 Upgrading Sharks For You

Money well spent if you ask me. I evolved a shark so powerful that I ate everything in the ocean with no issues. I guess that’s what happens when you spend large amounts of money to win easily.

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  1. DF: spending 1000$ on a shark game
    me: hacking it so i can just buy all the sharks🥲

  2. Funny thing is this kid just wasted a-lot of money I got everything in the game for free because there’s a glitch with the purchase system where you can get the best pack for nothing at all

  3. I got all of what he got for just $5 dollars with just the Google play pass

  4. You can legit play a modded version for free

  5. Lol I did a glitch where you get free coins and gems and spent zero money 💀

  6. Тем временем 100500 модов в интернете 🤑🤑🤑

  7. You spent $1000 on the rarest shark, I spent none. Because I downloaded the modded version.

  8. You could've just downloaded a modded version of the game

  9. I have magma jira shark jira absyy saurus

  10. U do know you can change the date on you phone and get the dayly reward and just steal a bunch of money

  11. u could have spend 5 bucks on play pass and got free gems and coins

  12. I got the Kaiju one and it was easy I just had to watch over a thousand ads on my best friends wedding was still doing it while they were getting officiated

  13. cash grabber game??? I just download it hacked w unlimited money n stuff 😂😂

  14. Whats funny is i managed to get the shark kaiju when it was like 90 percent off so i didn't even go passed the first couple.

  15. Me hacking the game gets all shark and lots of gems and coins yet have original app with data saved and installing original app

  16. You know a mako shark can destroy a submarine and every thing stronger than it

  17. He spent 1000 dollars when I just changed the time of date on my phone and did it untill I had enough and bought all the sharks 😂😂😂

  18. Dumb people : pay real money to get premium stuff
    Smart people : "gamename"apk mod unlimited money + other currency

  19. Now thats expensively funny not dangerously funny

  20. Rip theres a mod apk that gives you 1.4b gems and coins rip bro

  21. "This is a basic shark and it eats basic fish and it's watched by basic viewers" And played by a basic player

  22. Lmao 1k dollars, took me under 20 mins to do a gem glitch

  23. The peek time of life the nostalgic days I miss this game still remember when the Meg was the biggest

  24. When you realize he spent hundreds of dollars on this game when u can beat it with just changing the date on your calendar☠️

  25. Bro with google play pass any game with in app purchases the purchase are free Soo uhm I basically have infinite coins and gems for 3 months cause I got three month game pass

  26. I did the same! But what's hungry shark evolution?

    Since when?
    It was singleplayer when I played it years ago

  28. Back in the day ,I also bought all the sharks using gems .you got them from the story and I did from luck patcher

  29. 2 more cool sharks and more evolutions are available

  30. And I think you got your 1000 back with this video

  31. Bro i can hack the game and earn 50 000 000 gam and coins what a waste of cash bro

  32. Ur still bad at the game tbh. I have all sharks u have. But i have sharknarok. And with the boosts i have im pratically 6 x better than u.

  33. I used to play this game when I was younger the sharks I had aren’t even in it anymore lol

  34. Oh no…. There is this glitch which is apparent in this game and, it basically gives you infinite loot. On ios you can change your time to a day foward and when you load into this game you get an daily reward. So you can get every shark for free using this glitch, soooo rip wallet.

  35. Well now its on App Store's Play Pass soooo….

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