noob to pro hungry shark world -

noob to pro hungry shark world

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  1. guys i just bought Apex megalodon and alpha zombie shark

  2. I have watched 542 ads for antiont Magladon😂

  3. I need 6000 pearls for the Mecca shark Jeera

  4. I'm happy to even try, that's not even the best sharks of the purple one such a loser

  5. I have quantum and cosmic alan
    But great white is decent anyway

  6. Apex and !! Sharks have left the chat

  7. Your not a pro if you have great white your just an average player if you have him

  8. That's trash I literally have Godzilla in the robot Godzilla can I have three sharks left that's nothing that's the just trash😂😂lol

  9. Oh I didn't tell you I had 3 million money's how about bro weak 😂 lol

  10. Bro u know u already have the purple last variant right..?🤨

  11. Mecha sharkjira and shin sharkjira has left the chat:

  12. I have the megladon and big momma by the way keep the work up

  13. Hahahahaha bro got just that i got the colossal shark 😂😂😂😂😂 his level 20

  14. Bro that is nothing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Bro great white shark is not strong he can only just

  16. I hope you get better because there are new powerful sharks and I'm almost got the last shark and don't feel sad is really hard to get every shark it almost taken me like 7 years to almost complete the sharks so keep going because I believe in you that you can complete all the sharks

  17. О голэро цы-то фрэды фвзбэр😮 !? У меня ито главная акула зомьби,базз,касатка,мегаладон,большая мамочка,стая,😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 нодеюсь ты купиш акулу бездны она самоя сильноя😊

  18. Yooooo 🤘 I have to many sharks yoo-hoo 🎉

  19. 😮 quite good but you still need to get alot of pearl and farming pearl is not easy one

  20. io ho quasi tutti gli squali di tipo!!

  21. أنا كسبت GAIA فعادي جدا

  22. But it m more richer than you I have 1m coins 1m gems and 1m pearls (hacked hungry shark)

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