New VETERAN GREAT WHITE SHARK Unlocked!!! - Hungry Shark World | HD -

New VETERAN GREAT WHITE SHARK Unlocked!!! – Hungry Shark World | HD

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There is a new pass when it comes to Hungry shark and if you buy the premium pass you can win this shark!

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Hungry Shark World opens up a brand new adventure with addictive fast-pace gameplay, console quality graphics, multiple massive levels to explore and epic enemies to chomp down! Loads of sharks to control and more of our own special blend of FGOL humour than ever before, Hungry Shark World is the ground breaking new game that you will play until the end of time! Hope you brought your charger!



  1. The bay is actually pretty good, food regenerates fast and there's tons of gem
    fish. I've actually survived 35 minutes there with the premium warrior armor, the only thing is that there's loads of divers that kill your times multiplier.

  2. u should play brawl stars, it's really cool, and made by supercell

  3. welp, sounds like the end of f2p folks
    time to go

    they cant even tell the differences between skin and ordinary shark now huh?

  4. beaver: theres different costumes, while looking at legendary great white wich is a shark, not a costume

  5. Beaver you can have 3 pets with The new great white

  6. Veteran great white shark has the same tattoo as the great white shark from hungry shark evolution. I need an explanation

  7. R.i.p Arabian sea the bay is best. there's to much whales great whites bull sharks tiger sharks u get a high score

  8. I can't get this game android anymore, I want the game back, this
    Video is awesome!

  9. Just got 168,000 gold in a round and gave up cuz I wouldn’t die lol

  10. I actually got the alpha zombie shark today on a 2000 pearl deal and I’m amazing in arctic apocalypse with the ancient meg!

  11. Not to ruin the game but search happy mod and down load and search hungry shark download the hungry shark then install play and you have inf diamonds and money

  12. Somehow under the "Bay Map" it looks identical that was found at HSE under the titanic portal

  13. I almost had every shark. Until they added the splash pass :((

  14. I already got rhe tiger shark from the splash pass

  15. The bay is easily the best map for grinding since it’s so small gem fish spawn a lot meaning I average like ten gems per run on the bay and 10000 coins

  16. I'm not sure if this has been said yet and I'm not gonna comb through the comments to look but the growth is shown after the splash pass progression which I'm sure you've already figured out by this point

  17. Find ice Alan in the ice realme in hungry shark world

  18. can you max indoraptor in jurrassic world the game please

  19. It reminds me of the original map for hungry shark evolution, where the treasure chest used to be

  20. but you missed the spot you could look up one more pet

  21. Pls do a giveaway for jurassic world the game indominus rex pls I really want one I watch so much of your vids I want a I rex soooooo baddd

  22. Could you do more minecraft jurrasic vids pleassssse

  23. Beaver when I was playing roblox they think I was you because my name was Gamer_Rex and the Rex in my name meant T-rex 🦖 and Idk why they think I was you beaver

  24. James I beg of you to make more far cry primal it’s my favorite game and if you noticed my comment it would make my day.

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