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  1. O alan cósmico e um tubarão muito bom, mais o mecha sharkjira contínua liderando em 1° lugar de melhor tubarão do jogo


  3. i think i still prefer meltdown more because at first i thought after i unlock meltdown shark i was gonna build up more perals to unlock cosmic alan but it realized that meltdowns ability is better and it does not slow it down. also i unlocked meltdown 2 days ago and also it is at max level already. it took forever to get a lot of perals

  4. Which one is better meltdown shake or cosmic Alan idk what to buy out of those two 🤷‍♂️

  5. Personally, I think that hungry shark world should add a trading system. You can trade skins and sharks. But luckily since you can buy sharks you can avoid getting scammed. I think they should also add an online arena and a shark designing contest.

  6. I'm sorry but this gameplay heavily triggered me.

  7. We all saw Alan died in the artic sea now Alan is back from the ded

  8. Didnt he freeze to death? Oh well maybe its just another version that didnt die or just whatever that is

  9. I got It was so good and it can explode when u double click Alan's power

  10. Black hole sun make Alan swim slower and it decrease health drain. And becarefull using black hole for enemy shark & jellyfish because the ability just shrink enemy. Other enemy shark still can bite you and jellyfish can stun when activated the ability. Magician shark laser still the best than this shit

  11. Wow! Cosmic Alan's power is Amazing! Now i love this shark. The only thing i didnt expect its the Mutant Shark.

  12. Already its the best shark in the game it can revive it has black hole and explode

  13. Like every shark in this game I will get him soon

  14. Wowie, alan the cosmic shark causes more destruction in a big bang.

  15. dude i love his ability that the black hole absorbs anything even the giant jellyfish dont stand a chance and his explosion like mecha sharkjira

  16. My phone finally got the game at 60fps this update, and it looks as smooth as it is in this video.

  17. cosmic alan is too boring only the design that's cool but the power is too op its just feel boring when you have too op sharks……

  18. When the black hole touches anything the thing it touches dies it’s the best shark they need to nerf it it’s too op

  19. Game name is hungry shark because this game available on my mobile

  20. I just got him this morning and he's already my favorite shark because of his black hole power love it

  21. I hate when trolls complain about a shark being op and then they nerf the shark and they fuck it up so please shut the hell up and enjoy him being that powerful

  22. I think he needs a little bit of a speed buff for his black hole

  23. Congrats! Your finally with us powerful gods.

  24. I got more points and coins with the alpha zombie with reviving once

  25. This thing can instant kill everything with the ability on

  26. I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶ says:

    Clearly a ripoff of the sea-dragon leviathan

  27. Good shark. But I believe the Meltdown Shark is still OP. It can eat anything also can go anywhere.

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