New pet Axel ! - Hungry Shark World -

New pet Axel ! – Hungry Shark World

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New pet Axel ! – Hungry Shark World
Download the update and experience the first Splash Pass in Hungry Shark World :
The Splash Pass comes with a whole lot of rewards, including new sharks, new pets and brand new skins! Click on this link to see all the rewards in their true glory


  1. How to unlock those pets why I don't have

  2. Why we need to buy splash pass! ☹️

  3. Kroniko Mk11⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ says:

    Hes is the cutest pet of this game

  4. Minecraft Invades Hungry Shark lol.😂🦈

  5. Hola me saludas por favor los mejores vídeos del mundo

  6. LuminiteShark5.8&MechaSharkjira8.3&ShinSharkjiraV9 says:


  7. Hungry Shark has copied Godzilla… and now they copied Minecraft?!

  8. This makes me jealous cuz I don't have the splash pass

  9. I really want that pet but we have to pay for Splash pass UGH😔😔😔😔😤

  10. Make new skin for my faforit shark megalodon plisss 🥺

  11. It's not fair I only get the free ones and I don't get the yellow splash pass.

    Is there hope I can get them without buying actual money

  12. Im guessing they did this because of the minecraft update

  13. Thx for your Work with that Game, i think good Games, Like this, dont really need a good working fanbase to get played.. – But we all enjoy If we got people Like you

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