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  1. I am suspicious about this person, this person have Gold Rush but Scared of touching Explosion Mine, like Bruh it's almost impossible to die from that with Gold Rush and these big Health

  2. You are so lucky cause you have that i don't

  3. I have already unlocked that shark just top up some things to buy it and I'm so happy it's worth it!

  4. There is another new update, dinosaur shark maybe cause every dinosaur bone pieces are in the arctic ocean just find it cause i found every dino bone pieces

  5. Electronics is not allowed in water right mechasharkjira dead

  6. 🙁 I can’t buy it it cost LIKE 6000 OH MY GOD :OOOOOOOOOOzoz

  7. So, if i complete all shark mission i only unlock the BUY button?

  8. hahaha what the heck he can't eat the red jelly fish? deym i think this shark is overrated

  9. Ikr ever since I started using dark magic and then the meltdown and then after that full power mecha sharkjira I haven’t touched my Mr snappy since

  10. Imagine they add mecha abysshark or even stronger that that lol

  11. Wait you can get mecha with 600 pearls?

  12. references: Sharkjira = Titanus Godzilla
    Mecha sharkjira = Super Mecha Godzilla
    movie: Godzilla against MechaGodzilla

  13. In my opinion it still does not beat the meltdown shark.

  14. Ok this makes my hacked super shark look normal
    (I added 1638 boost and strength)

  15. 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

  16. I was the first person to get MECHA Sharkjira Like seriously

  17. Sharkjira was killed but returns reborn on the new update coming this saturday

  18. Sharkjira becomes cretoxrina and gets revenge

  19. Robot Godzilla: finally a worthy aponith our battle will be legendary

  20. Why Does A Robot Need To Eat Fish For A Living🤣🤣🤣🤣🤨🤨

  21. how did you get many pearls,gems and moneys ?!?!

  22. I have more money than you 😎😎

  23. I hacked this game so I get all of the sharks, skins, levels and even some sorta like wearing thingy plus some missions and this sharljira
    too it costs 6000 pearls don'tcha??

  24. Wait wtf it doesn't give it to you when you finish the challenges?

  25. Shin sharkjira is stronger than the mecha sharkjira

  26. Bruh facts: if you unlock mecha sharkjira with schematics, you still need 6000 pearls until you actually get the shark

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