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New Hungry Shark Primal Gameplay!!

Hungry Shark Primal is an upcoming game in the Hungry Shark franchise, set in prehistoric times. The game was released in early access for specific regions on April 21, 2023 via the Google Play store, with a full release set for later in 2023.

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Hungry Shark Primal is an underwater adventure and the newest installment in the franchise. It takes place in an ancient era with several prehistoric creatures, such as dinosaurs, ancient fish, reptiles, and cavemen. The game’s time period does not appear to be a specific realistic one, as animals that did not co-exist in real life (such as dinosaurs and humans) appear together. Like in previous installments, the overall premise is the same; devour countless creatures as a shark with endless hunger. There are several ancient creatures to feast on, as well as many enemies to fight. New and unique prehistoric hunters are available to play as in this game.

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  1. At least you got to play it. I'm still stuck on a gray screen after the Ubisoft logo

  2. the dunkleosteus is already op but this game is glitchy

  3. Why does this look like a fan game? This a fan game or official?

  4. I kinda want a map where you play in a futuristic ocean, with pollution, robots, cyborgs humans/fish, holograms and stuff, that'll be cool.

  5. I can’t find it on the App Store. I don’t know where hungry shark primal is.

  6. Bang ini official atau fan made, downloadnya dimana plis kasih tau,

  7. How did you install this game😮

  8. way better than old ones becase of the shark dezines

  9. how did you download this game tell me about this game

  10. Este juego es increíble esperemos que hay nuevos tiburones y nuevas mutaciones y monstruos gigantes como shin sharkjira en el juego anterior

  11. damn didnt see that coming didnt expect for ubisoft to make another hungry shark game and its set in prehistoric time looks fun tho

  12. I remember talking to my friend about about what if Fgol made a hungry shark but in prehistoric times 2nd grade me was thinking that wouldn't happen well I've seen the light of day that Ubisoft London did it. But sadly I'm no longer in contact with my old friend, Good times.

  13. is there a website where i could download it?

  14. Oh so this was the actual trailer of the meg 2 the trench😂😂😂😂.

  15. I searched this game, but I didn't found it. Maybe it's not yet finished?

  16. After playing too much Path of Titans and Maneater, this couldn’t have come out at a better time haha

  17. Do you think dinosaurs could be playable characters?

  18. I'm sure Megalodon will become a boss, next Mosasaurus and now leviathan whale.

  19. Fun fact: Sharks are older than trees.

    Like literally sharks existed before trees.

  20. Im on android I still dont see it how can I get it ime in new mexico, somebody help me😅

  21. Wow this game is cool and your playing the megalodon Cool!

  22. Sigma is an overrated and cringe trend for clowns says:

    Thumbnail reminds me of that scene from meg 2 trailer lol

  23. If it released, probably gonna overshadow hungry shark world

  24. BRO!!! I remember this at 4:42 that's the GRABATRON ship from the game GRABATRON FGOL made I use to play that game in 2012 it was really fun grabbing people and objects and just tossing them at stuff sad not many people knew or even played this game its not on the app store anymore but I wish it was I really miss that game childhood fun memories I hope since they add it as background detail means that they will make a new and improved version of the game I want it back🥲🥲😭😭😭

  25. I played it and I encountered a bigger version of the rex it had a darker skin tone and was harder to kill I managed to kill it tho, probably the gigantosaurus.


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