NEW BEAST SHARKS TIMELINE #shorts #hungrysharkworld -

NEW BEAST SHARKS TIMELINE #shorts #hungrysharkworld

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  1. Jaydeefactorizahaftgradeonenextyearon2024zionbrosy says:

    2016 – sharkjira2020 – mecha sharkjira2021 – cosmic Alan 2022 – abssyal shark2023 – mighty matriarch

  2. In different years Hungry Shark update except for the old one

  3. I have a fan art for you I hope it’s in the game

  4. Gw main itu gw pakai mod semua ikan dapat sama semua skin nya dapat gw

  5. Mamoth shark is from hungry shark evolution but thats nice

  6. You good video i subscribe and like 👍

  7. It would be great if they released Moby Dick as Leviathan

  8. It would be great to see Moby-Dick. like a mutant shark since it's a giant sperm whale… I'll give you an idea for your new advances in the game since I've seen that your graphics are atrocious; but inmaguinence seeing him in hungry shar word with all those harpoons stuck to his back, full of scars from the battles he has in the depths would be really great… definitely Brutal.

  9. Of course with the additional touch that you give it. an extra ability or power. uuff it would be brutal!

  10. It would be something epic to see Mobi dick (sperm whale) see him battle against the kraken (colosal squid) from Hungry shark world.

  11. 💥😎😎💯💯⚔️⚔️🔥🕶️🕶️. 100000.0000000.00000000.000000

  12. i like the 2016 type mote since its so nostalgic i still have this downloaded

  13. Why didn't you add the abbysial shark

  14. New update ini hungry shark world ably sahrk

  15. I like the 2021 cosmic alan thats the best edit ive ever seen

  16. I miss this game back during 2019 where Me and my brother would glitch gems through also a ad watching process in which we got the Godzilla in a instant

  17. Where shin sharkjira
    This not fair my favorit shark nlt here

  18. Tab the 20 20 is not actually that one it's actually a different one it's from hungry shark world if you play it and if you look at the top it will show a magical shark

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