MIGHTY MATRIARCH VS BIG MOMMA. Max Level Size Comparison & Gameplay | Hungry Shark World - hungryshark.world

MIGHTY MATRIARCH VS BIG MOMMA. Max Level Size Comparison & Gameplay | Hungry Shark World

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In this video I want to show you comparison Mighty Matriarch VS Big Momma Max Level & Size Comparison & Gameplay in Hungry Shark World.

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  1. Mighty is the only thing I’ve completely maxed in close second is Apex atomic shark I’ve maxed leveled but not stats

  2. Why can you eat red jellyfish as big momma but not as the killer whale

  3. Oh jeez, when i get that thing i am going to cause pure havoc and chaos, i am going to destroy the underwater world, take my revenge on the bigger sharks that killed me, just… just such MAGNIFICENT POWER!

  4. Mighty Matriarch is the Grand big momma

  5. Wow hungry shark updated alot since i left 6 years ago

  6. Easy way to get pearls faster? Just 50 for one game it s shit…. i have 1.5k pearls and it s too little for this sharks… please give me another way…😢

  7. Does anyone know the release date for Hungry Shark Primal?

  8. Hey i saw a guy name md akib and he have all the shark accept gaia

  9. Me puedes dar un millón de gemas. Por favor

  10. I think mighty matriach is just a version of big momma

  11. Video hungry shark world size comparison (mighty matriarch) please revx gaming

  12. Btw my shark is megalodon but I bought in in 171 I unlocked the gia shark to but my megalodon still need to full max level to buy the big momma and killer whale

  13. Bro I got all the spash pass sharks but not the legendary great white

  14. Me just realizing they were based off each other. Plus 2000000IQ

  15. Hen hungri dragón se devolverá ese tiburón

  16. is myghty matriach the best shark of the game?

  17. La verdad cuánto dinero le metiste al juego

  18. 😮😮😮😮😮😲😲😲😮😮😮😦😦😦

  19. I have Quantum the Cyber shark for 10,000 pearls

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