MEGALODON vs GREAT WHITE SHARK! Hungry Shark Evolution -

MEGALODON vs GREAT WHITE SHARK! Hungry Shark Evolution

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The Great White Shark and the Megalodon in Hungry Shark Evolution game.


  1. Reef Mako Hammerhead Tiger Great white Shark Mega Darkhammer Big daddy shar khan Mr Snappy Alan Moby dick Leo Lord Snappy Nessie Aaron Sharkjira Abysshark Kraken Luminite magmajira Abyssaurus Behemoth Sharknarok Behellmouth Electro Ice robo Pyro Natasha Narwhal Sharkeleon Were Shark Fin Fin N Finny

  2. I love that game unlocked Mega Great white Alan Sharknarok And Luminite

  3. Mega is best shark But GWS Got Gem Fish So he gws Got more gems then mega

  4. Joel Rosario el weapon knife 2 el Joel Rosario el weapon Joel Rosario Alejandro el favorite weapon el Samantha tv control el Joel Rosario el weapon knife

  5. Why does megalopolis hit clan green always

  6. Why does megalodon Always hit Green

  7. I really like the moby dick bc its the only whale that belongs to a shark game

  8. Okay the best videos and the best gamer in the world

  9. Meg is the best in hungry shark Evo bro he's better then great white but bought are not the same cause meg is bigger

  10. The Giant Grab walks sound relaxing and terrifying to hear

  11. i have the all money so is 99999999b uhhh i dont buy buy one buy

  12. So we are not gonna talk about how rich he is bro he got 10m?

  13. Megalodon and great white shark look the same

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