MECHA SHARKJIRA UNLOCKED. ALL QUEST FINISHED. Mecha Sharkjira Gameplay | Hungry Shark World -

MECHA SHARKJIRA UNLOCKED. ALL QUEST FINISHED. Mecha Sharkjira Gameplay | Hungry Shark World

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Mecha Sharkjira is the most powerful shark from all sharks in Hungry Shark Series.
Have Jet Pack to fly, Laser in Chest. All 128 Shark Quest Finished.
Ultimate Ability Unlocked: Atomic Breath and Atomic Blast.

Hungry Shark World on Android.

Music : In-Game Music

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  1. I'm kinda sad that they made Mecha Sharkjira cost pearls, and all this missions made him very hard to get. This made me don't want to unlock him anymore.

  2. i thought it could eat red jellyfish, then i realized you had the powerups active…

  3. Thanks this was hard to find with all quests finished on You tube. You got a free extra subscriber from me.

  4. Uhg, I am trying to do hedi's star quest, but I don't understand, when I go in the left on the first alley way, I see a present, I go get it, its covered with sharks, I stealth into it and get the present then I see the mission har go up, then I don't know what to do, any help?

  5. I’m having trouble with the star quest for the great hammer head shark what shark is the nemesis?

  6. When I was trying to grind pearls for this shark I went in the shipwreck and then my screen turned black so I went out and it turned normal and I was spinning in a circle not moving and my health was not moving and I survived the extinction because it was moving the blue bar

  7. dude im halfway through to getting mecha since i got 500k diamonds, man im so lucky
    also i got alot of pearls using dark magic shark

  8. Does atomic blast happen after atomic breath runs out

  9. Bro imagine if you collect all the hungry letters YOU WILl BE SO BIG.maybe but try it out who has godzilla

  10. I- I- I need to grind much more harder but first I need robo shark and for that I need money and gears

  11. Guys I need to do something so I thought I was hungry shark world but you didn't show me that you know when the third one not to!! L andLLLXXLXXL thing and then and then I need to show me I just download Hungry Shark world and it did nothing

  12. The mingun thing ahould be a weapon instead of the belly lazer. Make it be like sharkjia from hungry shark evolution just do mouth lazer. Makes more sense. Maybe the minigun should have replaced the atomic blast

  13. Having to grind all that quest and in the end Mecha Sharkgira can't even eat red jellies. What a Disappointment.

  14. Revx shows off his sharks us: presses on different video revx: What why don’t u like me flexin

  15. Whoa?????? He blows up??????? Now that shit is awesome

  16. This shark is just like dark magic shark except the dark magic shark laser regenerates so fast idk how you got this shark so fast took me 3 months

  17. These !! And Genetic Sharks are monsters. They Make XXL Sharks look like the XS shark.

  18. I hate how you have to get pearls to get them

  19. I quit once the game told me I needed to pay as Mecha shark

  20. Im already done with the 128 quests, but still havent get mecha sharkzilla. Help do I need to earn pearls now 😭

  21. I forgot that this was mecha-sharkjira bombs don't do shit

  22. I love mechanical Godzilla because life not drains when using atomic breath

  23. Need help!! If 128 quest mecha sharkjira are done, can get it by free?

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