Main Theme - Hungry Shark World | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate -

Main Theme – Hungry Shark World | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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He’s a shark…. that’s hungry….you’ll never guess what his power is…. he…eats. Here is Hungry Shark World’s main theme! Enjoy!

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MUSIC: Main Theme – Hungry Shark World



  1. Man a Hungry Shark World (or Hungry Dragon World) stage would be sick!

  2. Dude make the Hungry Shark Evolution theme remix

  3. you should do a komi can't communicate intro remix

  4. Can you please make remixes of Donkey Kong 94’s Showdown At The Tower and Yoshi’s Island’s Big Bad Baby Bowser?

  5. Im redownloading the game just because I heard this

  6. Because smash bros needs another character who bites/eats their opponents. 😛

  7. Hungry shark reference should be easter eggs on Ubisoft games

  8. Still hoping that one day you will do street party from Bloons monkey city🙏

  9. Ever see dungeon defenders? Great game, try it

  10. I'd love to see how Fiery Ambitions from Rivals of Aether would sound.

  11. that shark is awfully big… just like big chungus… strange isn't it Aaron?

  12. Do the bee swarm simulator ant challenge theme next

  13. 10/10 best Assist Trophy in the game.

  14. Rival: P Plant
    Final confirmed DLC
    Shark Week 2022 🦈

  15. Amazing, we have squids (the inklings) and we have humans, now we have sharks :). All is left is octogeddon to destroy both land and sea enemies. Also this one's the best, i like it 😀

  16. Up b jet pack
    Side b rush at specific direction
    Neutral LazerBeam
    Down b slam the ground hard

  17. Can we get the Armstrong theme from metal gear rising


  19. Oh my lord, guess I wasn't the only one to make mock-up Smash content for this series.

  20. Do hungry shark evolution theme next to get remixed

  21. And then you need the boss as the giant crab I think from the second game?

  22. Por que no ases un remix de los frenesis de los dos juegos por cierto buen video

  23. Elcalduccye II medico della peste edition says:

    I made a moveset for the white shark ( i used google translate)
    Basic Movement: The shark on the ground moves on a skateboard
    Jabs – burst bites and eventually a powerful bite
    Forward tilt: tail swing
    Down tilt: shot with the crab fork
    Up tilt: the shark hits with the muzzle up
    Neutral air: the shark turns on itself in the air
    Forward air: the shark strikes with its tail in front of itself
    Back air: you give a boost with the jetpack Up air: always a blow of the muzzle
    Dash attack: bitten while moving on the skate
    Forward smash: very strong bite
    Down smash: the shark strikes with its tail left and right
    Up smash: always a blow of the muzzle
    Neutral special: the shark throws a baby that is stronger according to how much the button is pressed
    Forward special: push with the jetpact
    Up special: turns into the shark robot and flies
    Down special: the shark places a mine
    Final smash: A cutscene starts in which the shark becomes giant and eats the opponent

  24. Who agrees that this game and the other hungry shark games are underrated

  25. Can we have a mobile version of super smash Bros

  26. If FGOL ever teamed up with Nintendo, that would be a great crossover with hungry sharks and Mario

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