Inverted controls Glitch - Extinction mode (Hungry Shark World) -

Inverted controls Glitch – Extinction mode (Hungry Shark World)

John Donrick Zerna
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This Very simple but quite hard to do but it will Make you immune to Hunger and win the game easily


  1. Whenever you get to Gold tier its likely you will get Inverted controls, if you get the Inverted controls Head to the Boat, always check the map or remember ur pathing, Head to the boat and Go inside it, this will Make the game confused because you have inverted controls and there will be a pause. once this pause happens the screen goes black and you become Immune to Hunger and all Damage including Torpedoes and harpoons and the clock will continue to tick down
    (Theres a downside to this, if you get another perk which is Inverted controls again, this will Ruin the exploit and Inverted camera as well can ruin this but you can always re-enter if that happens,try Watching an add to avoid it from changing, if it doesnt work well, goodluck then 😂)

    sometimes this doesnt work, but its worth a shot

    I hope this Helps ^^

  2. A mi también me pasó eso una vez jugando con el megalodonte de hungry shark world

  3. Two days ago this happened to me in the same exact spot

  4. yes I was hit by a glitch that was so annoying

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