Hungry Shark World - Zap prey with Dark Magic Shark's lasers! -

Hungry Shark World – Zap prey with Dark Magic Shark’s lasers!

Ubisoft Future Games Of London
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An ancient curse has left a shark with radioactive vision!
Dark Magic Shark has escaped into Hungry Shark World’s open seas – now you can zap prey of all sizes with its powerful laser beams ⚡⚡ What will you destroy first?

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  1. Dark Magic Shark: I’M FIRING MY LASER!!!

  2. There is more powerful than the dark magic 🦈 this is the sharkgira

  3. Who want goft of hungry shark world 9M Gems

  4. Future games of London:hmm yes sharks are made out of sharks

  5. This is the sand shark just remodeled and with a lazer

  6. Can you make a 3 inch dark magic shark action figure with a movable jaw and laser beams please

  7. How about his abilities is heat vision or solar beam?

  8. Fun fact: just because you're using the laser doesn't mean you're invincible now. You're only invincible in gold rush and/or H U N G R Y mode.

  9. I,got that and all of the shark me king😎

  10. One of the Worst Shark in Hungry Shark Game..🙄😂

  11. Now this is the underwater Thanos.


  13. Hungry shark i like your videos and i have your game

  14. Dark magic shark is unbelievable cool! 💪🏻🦈

  15. No puede ser ese tiburón es increíble con sus ojos láser

  16. This isn’t really a great example of what you can do with the Dark Magic Shark, I’ve gotten 30,000+ Coins in 5 minutes (At Level 3)

  17. i wish kong shark with hammer head but like kong axe

  18. We now have a big ass leopard shark that shoots lasers out of its eye

  19. Eu já desbloquei ele é tenho esse jogo

  20. Dude i got mr snappy ans dark magic is so easy

  21. I know what this shark is called dark magic shark and I have it

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