Hungry Shark World VS Shark World -

Hungry Shark World VS Shark World

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Game TVII #1 :Mở Khóa siêu cá mập Hungry Shark World VS Shark World

0:00 Porbeagle
0:21 Sand Shark
0:42 Thresher
1:03 Heidi
1:24 Goblin Shark
1:44 Great Hammerhead
2:05 Tiger Shark
2:26 Drago
2:47 Basking Shark
3:08 Whale Shark
3:28 Great White
3:49 Megalodon
4:09 Big Momma
4:29 Killer Whale
5:33 Dark Magic Shark


  1. Hungry Shark World VS Shark World Best Won yet

  2. Hungry Shark world looks more better than shark world, because the hungry shark world doesnt look 3D at all and also i have hungry shark world on my tablet its the coolest sharks game😌 edit: well if you already get some "!!" Rank Sharks you will understand what i mean

  3. Love how sand shark on the right is just SAND

  4. Hungry shark world is the best than shark world

  5. I love hungry shark world Whale shark and shark world Whale shark both of them

  6. HSW looks new and modern, while SW looks realistic but old

  7. Merrier Dithėyèiña the Badder (Baddiedithe) 💖 says:

    Wat the WHAT they're look like a Rip Offss

  8. Hungry shark:sand shark. Shark world:S A N D

  9. I like hungry shark world because its sharks look like they are in a cartoon because of the models and animation while shark worlds sharks just open and close they're mouths and move back and fourth

  10. Hey I got that same mosasaurus and elasmosaurus

  11. The dark magic shark is not that same speckled shark the dark magic shark is purple but the speckled shark is black and grey

  12. Shark world is like my singing monsters had a baby with Hungry Shark

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