Hungry Shark World - Tiger Shark Final Shark Quest (#16) -

Hungry Shark World – Tiger Shark Final Shark Quest (#16)

Salmon on a Stick
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Final mission for the Tiger Shark in Hungry Shark World. If this video helped you out, leave a like!


  1. I completed this last quest just by going to megs lair

  2. Question why does it teleport you sometimes

  3. can somebody tell me what are the red sharks and purple big momma?

  4. i got lucky because i found it when i had gold rush 💀

  5. Funny story i was completing this quest then i was close then i had a gold rush then i defeated it in an instant

  6. 🚆 + 🕸️ + ✏️ + 🐳
    🎹 + 🏀 + 🐖 + 🍐
    🌻 + 📯 + 🎸 + 🍃

  7. So Hard To Eat
    But Dark Magic Shark Or Mecha Sharkjira Can Destroy That

  8. Wow how find pink triger shark

  9. This shark : exists

    My pirate atomic shark : finally some good flipping food

  10. What about meltdown shark final shark quest iam unable to that

  11. Please make a video on meltdown shark final quest

  12. thanks

    bruh i literally randomly got gold rush as soon as found it and ate it in a second LOL

  13. Hi I’m stuck on the quest. Do you know what’s the best way to get 1,500 coins in one gold rush?

  14. Red tiger shark: hey Noobie

    Tiger shark: let's see about that

    "After a few chews"

    Red Tiger Shark: dies

  15. thank you soo much for the video i did not know where the shark was this is a helping video👍

  16. bruh im luck when i just find the red tiger shark i was in mega rush lol

  17. how do you complete the tiger shark quest gold rush earn 1500coin?

  18. lol i just finished the task without a jetpack

  19. What the heck it was bigger its armor or skins or teeth it's so tough!

  20. You need to use Gold Rush to insta eat The Giant tiger shark or you can just upgrade your stats

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