Hungry Shark World | The story so far Teaser Trailer -

Hungry Shark World | The story so far Teaser Trailer

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Get ready for the next big update to #Hungryshark World by getting up to speed with the story so far.

Hungry Shark World is out now and free to download. Click the link to get ready for the update coming soon!

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  1. Everyone will now be fired haahahahahaah lol

  2. 0:59 Me: I fond you fakery

  3. Hungry Shark oyununu çok seviyorum muhteşem bir oyun

  4. Hungry shark oyunu çok güzel bir Oyunmuş🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷❤😎👍👍👍✌

  5. I like it.
    I unlocked metalodon and how megalodon turn to a ancient megalodon? This is my best game

  6. Quatro meses e nata da mega super atualização shark Word so até fevereiro

  7. who is the best game? hungry shark evolution or hungry shark world

  8. This is random but the killer whale makes the megalodon look like a jerk

  9. Can you make the Pearl's more? Like bronze for 100 silver 200 gold tier 500 and survived the extinction for 800 is that count fair?

  10. If that mutated sharks why it damage us when I go near u got damage

  11. What will happen next? Buddy I know what will happen next, thats why I made an entire theory so lets begin with a detail you might have seen: the mecha sharkjira has a logo in its tail, doesn’t it remind you of something? Yup you are correct: the glotwell corporation and you will ask me: why would they make something to destroy humanity? But first we got to know whats the reason they built this, its easy like in this video the megalodon turned into an absolute beast and also the zombie shark and atomic shark, so glotwell made no excuse and made the mecha sharkjira to defend humanity and sure enough it defeated the 3 huge sharks, after that it began to feel much stronger, so strong that it got out of control and its eating everything in its sight and traveled to south china sea and the other sharks were scared to face it so they called out the sharkjira to fight it unfortunately the mecha sharkjira defeated sharkjira and the other sharks had no choice but to fight this battle out.
    And thats my whole theory about this epic story.

  12. If godzilla was in hungry shark world this would be disaster

  13. Can I have some pearls It keep disappear I want 5000 l have them yesterday to buy meltdown shark but when I play it's gone now pls

  14. Wait a minute who is the porbeagle be with to those 4?

  15. OH no wonder why the Meg and the Ancient Meg kinda look the same

  16. Please make a video on story so far Lak Tera

  17. make/a/power/up/were/you/can/get/1000/coins/gems/pearls/quick/or/il/desub

  18. 5 shark = 5 sharks now we now the end of this

  19. Normal megalodon: male
    Ancient (mutated) megalodon: female
    Me wondering did megalodon changed it's gender: Something's wrong i can feel it

  20. So am guessing there is the little sharks in that cave are: XS shark and the other S size sharks, btw can yall add a new map pleaase and bring back levels for items like the jetpack and stuff

  21. So that means the story Will flashback until the four shark Got starved in the middest cave to get a food with Cebrone the porbeagle,Then Diana Was Accidently to destroys the Glutwell forms then he shock and run away through the middest cave again until the green ooze will nearest them for those four poor shark friends n gets scare then no one Can't Save them too. Diana said I Didn't see the other sharks was littery was here Gairon said But it's tooo Dangerous to the green ooze gets in Lett it die or not (…………) She's quited I'M soorry It's not Apoligize like that I'm disappoint you that You're an Evil but you're not too. Is it Right to me from my theory FGOL Team???

  22. Is it Real or is it was being Mistake on these story??!! 😱😱😱

  23. youtube is screwedbecause of it's babysitting rule says:

    Who else agree that they should make a hungry shark movie ?

  24. Game theory has got to make a theory on this

  25. You know it’s bad when porbeagles smile goes away.


  27. can you make story on evo like how shark jira became magmajira and how alan became aaron

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