Hungry Shark World | The Splash Pass is back! -

Hungry Shark World | The Splash Pass is back!

Hungry Shark
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You asked, we listened… again! The latest update has hit the stores and here’s your chance to experience a new event as well as a NEW Splash Pass! Follow the link to get chomping –

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  1. yo this GAME IS the BEST MATE not lying ITS the best seriously I've been playing this game for 8 to 20

  2. Mensagem de muitas promoções dos tubarões lá de hungry shark evolution para 80 diamante para quando aparecer uma promoção no hungry shark evolution para 80 diamante diamante para para comprar o tubarão muito forte que tem poder

  3. I just download the game yesterday i just went from black tip to great white in a few hours due to powerups and the new seahorse pet

  4. Кто знает, для чего нужно исцелять коралловые рифы?

  5. I have a question, can you guys add Hungry Shark Trilogy and Grabatron to the Google Playmarket? I missed these games you guys have made and I want them to be remembered by the other people who loves nostalgia

  6. Why you need to pay money to get the pets?😢 Could have easily gathered gold or gems with my mecha-sharkjira to get them.

  7. What about the hungry shark evolition pass ? When will his video come ?

  8. I have play this game for a while but why is my ID doesnt have a map?meanwhile other people that playing this game has a map?

    Plus why is collecting the words 'hungry' doesnt do anything like giving me a prize or something?i have collecting those words 50 times already and it gives nothing

    And why when i collecting rainbow plant 105 times doesnt do anything?i know it reset everyday but it doesnt give me anything no prize nothing

    Is this a bug or somekinda mistake that the dev make?

  9. This year's splash pass is very underwhelming

  10. Hagan una nueva actualización para Rayman adventures porfavor 😭😭

  11. K fgol, I forgot to mention in the survey you made of, you should update that you can have a hungry shark world account with a password so on another device you can always log in so that if you stopped using a device you won’t just not be able to play in it again.

  12. Can I have the meltdown shark because it’s impossible to get. I’ve TRYED every day my username is R1to6


  14. Vai ter hungry shark evolution pra Xbox one

  15. hello ubisof I wanted to tell you that I loved how you adapted the boy's design for the alpha zombie shark, but my question is why I can't take damage from vehicles I just don't understand

  16. So there is a bug where when I play as a !!! shark I can’t eat the smaller stuff anymore for some reason including the smaller sharks

  17. just saying are you gonna add the bloop

  18. Omg my fav game plsss giv me Axel I love the game but I need The axolotl pet plssss give me it

  19. I've been playing this game since I was little, I never get bored, super game, thank you very much Greetings from Turkey

  20. the milkway manta was the best thing in this update.

  21. This is the absolute best game ever and nothing can change my mind no matter what I hope the creators stay active on this game I just love this game! 🙂

  22. Yay… a battle pass for a shark eating game…


  24. I know the Colvin so fun but go with a pet shark called Dave when you unlock the Small sharks

  25. 0:34 my god I've been seeing a lot of mantas lately. This one, along with the big Manta from Mario+ Rabbids: Sparks of Hope and Big Man

  26. when is the next splash pass gunna happen does anyone know?

  27. When is the splash pass 3 coming please make a splash pass 3

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