Hungry Shark World | The Bigger Showdown (Teaser) -

Hungry Shark World | The Bigger Showdown (Teaser)

Ubisoft Future Games Of London
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Shin Sharkjira has risen from the depths of the Arctic Ocean to end the chaos caused by Glutwell’s recent activities. Will Shin Sharkjira defeat Glutwell’s army of Mecha Sharkjiras and put an end to their evil experiments once and for all?

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  1. Extinction Map that I could not beat: Arctic Extinction version

  2. I love how the toxic waste can is used like a tumble weed🤣😂😂

  3. The Mecha Sharkjiras kinda remind me of the Dark Troopers from the Mandalorian Season 2.

  4. Well btw where is the real Mecha Shark jira? , the one that bodied sharkjira?

  5. Can you add a new logo of hugry shark world

  6. fgol please add multiplayer in hungry shark evo not just shark invaders

  7. shim sharkjira: iam about to end this glutwell corp whole career

  8. shin sharkjira iam about to put an end to glutwell corps whole career

  9. magmajira from hse : iam about to incinerate him

  10. Ojalá que llegue pronto la nueva actualización que ya quiero tener más tiburones

  11. They must invent a game Sharkjira in 3 person for xbox Playstation android

  12. Shin is a different Godzilla shin is more mutated then Godzilla’s name should be legendary shark jira not shin shark jira

  13. Kim seok-jin 🤩👍🥳🤯 hungry shark world update

  14. Let go shin Sharkjira Mecha cannot deafet you, you have a frozen bozy/ice

  15. lo veo diferente a el tiburón blanco puede ser esto

  16. Shark zilla is cool and the new one is shark kong

  17. The animation was cool but I wonder if you'll add legendary Sharkjira and Legendary Thermonuclear Sharkjira as well please

  18. Shin Sharkjira vs Mecha Sharkjira enemies

  19. As a big fan of Godzilla, I approve it and I think that's little reference to Mechagodzilla from Godzilla vs. Kong

  20. Porque hay dos consignas provox unos con ojos negros dibujo una con ojos rojos y otro negro

  21. Sharkjira died came back to life and evolved to shin sharkjira

  22. والله جميل حلو خالص عشان نتفرج عليه كل يوم

  23. ubisoft can you hook me up with 15000 pearls so then I can buy cosmic alan

  24. can you hook me up with 750000 coins so I can buy buzz

  25. How about sharkjira evolve we name it mega sharkjira

  26. A reference to Godzilla: King of the Monsters Antarctica showdown? Lol! The entire Godzilla fandom approves your Kaiju Sharks! We love the game!

  27. The fact that you could see the Glutwell logo on the helicopter shows how much detail is put on this one animated scene

  28. Imagine this hungry shark looks glitch lol if you lost your boost and if you can't flying and I can't no to control is moving can't stop and if they stand he fly he can't not make boost and I can't eat

  29. Wow true king of the sea monsters is back all hail to shin sharkjira

  30. 1:03
    Enemy Mecha Sharkjira: YOU KILLED MY BROTHER!!



  31. It’s like Pacific Rim sharks vs Shin Sharkjira

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