Hungry Shark World - Squidmas -

Hungry Shark World – Squidmas

Hungry Shark
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You asked for it, it’s finally here! The very first boss in Hungry Shark World: the COLOSSAL SQUID BOSS! Defeat the boss in the fastest time during Daily Contests, for a chance to win a new limited edition pet!

Because it’s also Christmas, this update brings you a festive spirit, so keep an eye open and dress up with the new Santa Accessory Set!

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  1. Someone wanna be friends and compete and share gens with me?

  2. hey fgol im from philliphines why the update is still not here and also merry christmas

  3. Hey guys, can you make a feature to sell the items we bought for at least half the price they cost, because I've been saving up my money for the megalodon for soooo long and my stupid friend thought that it was funny to buy the sharks and items that I don't need (the great hammer head, bull shark, a lot of items that i don't want, etc.) and now I need to collect my money back for the megalodon. Love from Croatia! 🙂

  4. there a new location!? i saw the back ground whem fighting the squid is don't like a every maps, is more bigger

  5. fgol why is hungrynshark world gone on Google play

  6. what is the new limited edition pet?And when will it be given and who will it be given?

  7. Fgol I just started and so far I have a small shark but you need a large shark to enter it will the event be gone by the time get a large shark

  8. LOL I was replaying this video like 5 times… 😂😂

  9. Hungary shark world is not working 😢😢😢😢😢

  10. this game has more than hungry shark evolution but i think they have the same amount some what

  11. plies hungry shark Evo new uptade new triler

  12. Fgol please help my sound dosent work in hungry shark world and hungry shark evo i cant hear the music too plz help

  13. yo i love your game 💖👥😊👍👍 im a really big fan and a sub i was wondering if i could get 💯 diamonds please. 🙏😢 ps. thank you 😘😘

  14. Will you add special sharks like evolution, maybe like a playable squid.

  15. Can you please add the bloop to hungry shark evolution?

  16. Plz update the game Hungry Shark World for Android 5.1.1….. i want so Much to play in my Samsung Galaxy J3(Android 5.1.1) 😀

  17. i would love for them to add leviathan mellveli

  18. make hungry shark world short interview with megalodon and zombie megalodon


  20. please make the coin on shark go low and i think no one no that the fossil that you have to collect is there for the helliscoipion

  21. I need help on hunger shak world I need coins

  22. Jingle bells jingle bells don’t you run away!!!!!

  23. The game was at its greatest on Mt opinion back in 2016-17

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