Hungry Shark World - South China Sea -

Hungry Shark World – South China Sea

Ubisoft Future Games Of London
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New year, new update!

Celebrate Chinese New Year with this massive new level! Chomp a new variety of enemies and sealife whilst diving into a spectacular and vibrant city. Don’t miss the new accessory set ASIAN WARRIOR to get exclusive bonus!!
Finally, you asked for it: tilt controls are back in the game! From now on you can play Hungry Shark World by either touching your screen or tilting your device!

Want to live the life of a Hungry Shark?

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  1. Can you make a Arctic map on hungry shark evolution

  2. на самом деле всё не так!!!

  3. When can this be available in Apple I'm kinda bored of waiting

  4. I have dunkeloseus if me spelt wrong u know what I mean

  5. FGOL please send me 1,500 gems I need them so much!?!?!

    Please don't reply unless your FGOL

  6. Can you plz donate me 75000 coins i only have 6000

  7. Hungry shark world can you add super man boss

  8. I think you guys should add a map like an open ocean where there are no rocks it's just the open sea and maybe add sea urchins that when you run in to them you take damage

  9. Do a update to let people play hungry shark world on iPad minis

  10. quem gosta de hungry shark da like nasse comentario

  11. Hungry shark will you add another HUNGRY SHARK game? That is more cooler than this one? Or will you add !!! Sharks too hungry shark world I choose !!! Sharks too eat lvl.2 bombs and also eat red jellyfish PLEASE LET YOUR FANS KNOW PLEASE TELL 😀

  12. add baby kraken tot teen then adult then Titan woont with other pets?

  13. I love the game and I am on mako but I lag a little but it's ok and the covers of u have 3 together u r done

  14. megalodon era pra der seria massa

  15. แซนดิส ควยยาว9นิ้ว says:

    I Want This Game in Thai.

  16. muy bueno el juego ya tengo 200 gemas y el me galón don y mi primo tiene el promero

  17. Fgol and Ubisoft present:

    Hungry shark world

  18. Please add online multiplayer

  19. This place is only good for the “!!” size because of all the mines and jelly’s

  20. i have the frenzy he can destroy meca shark jira

  21. Sorry this is not this is very good Gamberlake social event this is not good Gamberlake please money hungry shark

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