Hungry Shark World Shorts - All Animations All Trailers 2022 -

Hungry Shark World Shorts – All Animations All Trailers 2022

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Hungry Shark World Shorts – All Animations All Trailers 2022


  1. Hungry sharks is the best game I ever played.

  2. Godzilla also hungry shark is the best game ever

  3. They made a good animation they should be making a cartoon series or a movie though

  4. Yea that shark jaria turned itno shin and he’s loking for meca shark jira

  5. YUM!! I'm a hungry shark! Get it? 😄😄😄

  6. The great white is always responsible for its attacks on humans

  7. How can the sharks breathe outside of the water?

  8. 2:38 porbeagle eats shark's head
    2:52 whale shark has largest living shark and destroys door of enter
    3:22 great white shark have hand shake to shark wait 3 seconds because he will increase the speed of hand shake

  9. Rely comedy Videos!!!!👍👍❤️👌🦈

  10. Haha thanks for letting us see what you are looking like and what you 9 for now a good few months to come and get some rest now this time with your friends in New Orleans for the holidays and we hope to see everyone there on Saturday Sunday or night out ko and we'll be sure we will can catch you and I hope we get to meet some of the new 9 9 you have been in a good time for a few years old sex you have a been in on a your life way to be happy birthday po anti and real the most

  11. How do you get the puppy a shark that acts like a little cute puppy but bites when it sees you is actually a speedy shark so he why toilet how do sharks is because of well he is kind of like a puppy by shark mix together

  12. many fans of hungry shark are still waiting for the evolution of Mobi-Dick to Levyatan Melvilley

  13. The part when white tip reef shark cry’s got me dying😂

  14. The true villains here aren't the sharks it was the humans they are polluting the ocean while the sharks are cleaning it

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