Hungry Shark World - Shark Hungry - Part 1 [Xbox One Gameplay, Walkthrough] -

Hungry Shark World – Shark Hungry – Part 1 [Xbox One Gameplay, Walkthrough]

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Hungry Shark World – Shark Hungry – Part 1

The8BitArcade (Super Family Friendly Gameplay)

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  1. Like your vids bro keep up the good work.

  2. I’ve been here since the beginning and to be honest I miss the old content with you and your son

  3. Please make a Minecraft video please, I've been here since your first Minecraft video and I'm sad that its gone from this channel =°°°°°°°°{ (I'm a fan of you and your son playing Minecraft and I would stay in your channel waiting for a Minecraft video)

  4. What happened to the commentary? I miss that.

  5. Please bring Minecraft Beck with commentary

  6. It seems that this game isn't complete. I have unlocked all sharks, purchased all of the items beat the game a gazillions of times. Still missing my achievements. Do you know what is up.

  7. I got this game on my phone now time to update 😎

  8. can i somehow link my hungry shark from my apple ipad to my xbox one version ? hate to start all over again…

  9. How does this play on console? Is it worth the money?

  10. ι wιѕн ι add мy хвoх one вυт ι ѕold ιт ғor 315$

  11. Why am I now just finding out about this

  12. When you look up Hungry shark world xbox just to check if it is actually on xbox

  13. Wow this game is epic on console i think i will buy

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