Hungry Shark World PS4 Pt33 Mr. Snappy|BOSS FIGHT -

Hungry Shark World PS4 Pt33 Mr. Snappy|BOSS FIGHT

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In this video I will be defeating the Kraken!

Hungry Shark® World


  1. Beat the boss first try man thanks this my 2nd attempt without ur setup so thanks man super easy

  2. Is mr snappy the final shark in the PS4 and switch versions?

  3. What are you gonna do next since shark world is over?

  4. Hi drenrab can you show all sharks and I have all of them because you put so helpful videos thanks

  5. What The Heck!!😳😱🦈😬🦑🍪😬🥩
    3:05-Fly By Sky Nibble Nibble Chew Nibble Chew Chew Nibble😬😋👍#22
    🤔Gold Rush(Memories, So Long Old Tekken Mini Game)
    Mr.Snappy, Jo Jo Sparkle,Goblin, MegaMouth😫😱🤣👏👏
    Smooth Hammer Head is Really Jus ⛏🦈😙😅

  6. Drenrab Thank you so much I beat the game and unlocked heltip and jo jo sparkle you really helped me to get all the maps and messages in bottles.

  7. I finally beat the boss after you beat the boss you get two rainbow and very powerful sharks when I killed the kraken I was crying in happiness I struggled to beat the boss for over 8 months or a year

  8. Ive got mr snappy and it won't show up with the last map can someone tell me how to get the last map

  9. i have sand shark so far. I got it yesterday. I started plaing it today

  10. great guides for HSW console edition I almost have Buzz

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