Hungry Shark World | Protect Baby Sharks! -

Hungry Shark World | Protect Baby Sharks!

Hungry Shark
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Have you saved the baby sharks yet? Here’s how it’s done! Get in the game to play the new event! –

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  1. I have protect 10 times the baby shark

  2. Good gamemode

    Will comeback to the game

  3. I gotta say, I love this update. The baby sharks (and their comments) are way too cute

  4. I like that baby sharks can talk!
    (no offense, but baby humans dosen't talk a lot…)

  5. La actualización trae un bug. El juego NO se ejecuta en dispositivos móviles en Latinoamérica.

  6. 0:10 How did you get Gaia even though you didn't complete the event 🦈😐

  7. 0:37 That Baby Shark Reminds me of the Hungry Shark Heroes, Hoping if that game returns 😭.

  8. Can you please give me 999999999999 gems and 99999999999999999999 pearls and abyssal shark for free please I am broke now bc I bought your offer please

  9. Interesting idea. Finally (from time of extinction) a GREAT update

  10. You can grind better at this point and I like it

  11. Why when i completed the mission with 100 babys its says 1500 gems can i buy it with coins?

  12. Bro and once you’re done with the challenge it causes 1500 diamonds please remake it
    I don’t like it

  13. Not so bad of an update, Keep it up FGOL

  14. Bro why does it cost 1500 gems.
    This is bullsh*t it's weaker than shin sharkjira yet costs more.

  15. Wait, this update is available today or it's available for some time, I still don't have the update button, gonna try to redownload the game

  16. How we supposed to get the shark its 1,500 gems after you finish the rescue

  17. In the last update,there is a issue,atomic shark's model is completely broken,arms are longer and eye is buggy,pls fix

  18. Seems like the sharks all around the world decided that abandoning their babies when they were born, could be a bad idea

  19. I love that update It's like free !! Shark and baby Shark so so so so cute I spend gems for them

  20. I like it how I look I like flowers but I wish I have it I don't have it I'm the lowest one I have the lowest diamonds

  21. For the low price of 50 dollars for one character or 45 hours of your time, honestly 1500 is pretty mean ngl

  22. Can you fix the old the glitch make up my glitch I can’t unlock that can you

  23. Hey what are you looking Nathaniel sure the phone is it100 Get some shark

  24. After all those years hungry shark is evolving to a better game

  25. Please update hungry Shark multiplayer

  26. I loved this a lot but when I accdientally left my iPad to close after such big progress in the game and then my iPad closed and the progress was all deleted now 😢

  27. I’m only on white tip reef shark because i redownloaded the game and lost my old account but I am still able to save the baby

  28. Sry I hate this update the redward is so small

  29. Do you have to free all of them until it unlocks? I’ve been trying for the past hours tryna get this shark unlocked. She’s beautiful

  30. You have to save 100 of them just to get a shark 🦈🦈🦈

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