Hungry Shark World OST - Main Theme [Extended For 30 Minutes] -

Hungry Shark World OST – Main Theme [Extended For 30 Minutes]

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  1. I am 100% sure that all of you guys grinded this game just for the jetpack on the shark because i did spent like 1-2 hours for it lol

  2. Remembered play hungry shark evo when i was a child around 6

  3. Translate please Eu sou um dos que conhece esse jogo desde 2015 acho e lembro da antiga careta do tubarao galha preta e tambem lembro da antiga musica de fora da agua nas ilhas do pacifico, lembro que o tubarao martelo gigante era rosa hahahaha essa musica me da muita nostalgia, Feliz aniverssario de 10 anos hungry shark evolution.

  4. Кто тоже кайфовал под это в главном меню?

  5. Bro has anyone just vibes to this on menu for like an hour just to vibe

  6. Grim read shut your mouth basking shark is going to eat you

  7. I Wanted To Download Hungry Shark World😢

  8. Wait there are fighting some monster shark

  9. My nostalgia in this game when i played in 2016 i love Hungry Shark evo-world 💙🦈

  10. It might be thanks to Ubisoft some of us here, have taken a liking and interest to Sharks.

  11. I can kind of think guy going in a aquarium with sharks and blasting this music


  13. The last thing the people on the Titanic Submarine heard:

  14. Who remembers the Hungry shark evolution thene 😏😏 it's a banger bro

  15. Traslate my commentary gringo ( mesmo depois de anos esse tema faz sucesso) kk aqui no brasil nos gostamos desse jogo , nostalgic

  16. You know an OST is good when people's favourite parts of the song are all over the place instead of just one "good part". (My favourite part is 0:44)

  17. Blacktip reef: that one kid who sneaks into the girls lockeroom

    Whitetip reef: the innocent kid

    Porbeagle: the crazy annoying kid

    Blue shark: the cool kid who plays basketball

    Sand shark: the ugly kid who picks his nose

    Thresher: the fast kid

    Smooth hammerhead: the mysterious kid

    Bull shark: the fat kid

    Goblin shark: the bully

    Mako: the dare devil

    Megamouth: the tall kid

    Great hammerhead: the buff kid

    Tiger shark: the rich kid

    Spike: the kid that didn’t sleep last night

    Heidi: the unlucky kid

    Echo: the fat and muscle kid

    Drago: the long neck kid

    Frenzy: 9 kids who pretend to be an adult and bully other adult

    The basking: the kid that eats a lot

    Whale shark: the kid thats calm

    Great white: the muscle

    Megalodon: the dad

    Big momma: the mom

    Killer whale: the jock

    Atomic shark: the mad scientist

    Zombie shark: the undead

    Helicoprion: the saw guy

    Mr snappy: the racer

    Robo shark: the andriod

    Dark magic shark: the wizard
    Ancient Megalodon: The Grandpa
    Alpha Zombie Shark: The son of Zombie shark
    Meltdown Shark: The Terrorist with a nuke

    Mecha Sharkjira: The Robot doppelgänger of the Original Sharkjira

    Shin Sharkjira: SHIN GODZILLA THEME
    Comsic Alan: The Alien
    Abyssal Shark: The Faker of Abyssshark
    Mighty Matriarch: The Mother from sun
    Quantum: The Time Traveler

  18. Im tryna put this banger on my Spotify playlist

    (Cant find it tho😐)

  19. If the hungry shark world makes a movie it has to use this song

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