Hungry Shark World - New Shark Redesigns (Old vs. New Comparison) (4.2 Update) (READ DESC) -

Hungry Shark World – New Shark Redesigns (Old vs. New Comparison) (4.2 Update) (READ DESC)

Salmon on a Stick
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*NOTE: There is an error on the Robo Shark clips. First clip is 4.2 (new), second is 4.1 (old).*

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With the v4.2 update to Hungry Shark World, thirteen playable sharks have been retextured:
Whitetip Reef, Sand Shark, Thresher, Smooth Hammerhead, Bull Shark, Goblin Shark, Mako, Great Hammerhead, Tiger Shark, Big Momma, Killer Whale, Zombie Shark, Robo Shark.

Additionally, Great White and Megalodon were reskinned in update v4.1 (Mecha Sharkjira). Here’s a short video comparing the old and new designs.


  1. I knew something was different when I reinstalled the game

  2. Hey u forgot mr.snappy and atomic shark

  3. The other ones looked better, more creepy, and more HD in my opinion

    Old Great White and Megalodon looked so much better tho
    Zombie shark looked scarier too in the old version
    And Robo Shark looked more like.. a robot

  4. Glad people are enjoying the video! Just wanted to apologize, as there is an error on the Robo Shark clips. The first clip is v4.2 (new), second clip is 4.1 (old). Thanks for watching!

  5. Something_from_space - Мой Телефон says:

    Poggers, this is what i wanted

  6. I KNEW something was different, thanks so much dude.

  7. They made it more colorful and HD good job FGOL and UBISOFT

  8. I hope you upgrade graphics blacktip blue shark porbeagle spike heidi echo megamouth drago basking whale atomic buzz mr snappy dark magic

  9. 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞boring next new update.. New zombie shark ugly@@

  10. The v2 of the robo shark is it has a button to shoot so everyone can not get annoyed for the player if someone read these you won't get annoyed anymore

  11. i don't have it, I'm on ios, is it coming soon?

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