Hungry Shark World - New Shark Redesigns (Old vs. New Comparison) (4.2 Update) (READ DESC) -

Hungry Shark World – New Shark Redesigns (Old vs. New Comparison) (4.2 Update) (READ DESC)

Salmon on a Stick
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*NOTE: There is an error on the Robo Shark clips. First clip is 4.2 (new), second is 4.1 (old).*

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With the v4.2 update to Hungry Shark World, thirteen playable sharks have been retextured:
Whitetip Reef, Sand Shark, Thresher, Smooth Hammerhead, Bull Shark, Goblin Shark, Mako, Great Hammerhead, Tiger Shark, Big Momma, Killer Whale, Zombie Shark, Robo Shark.

Additionally, Great White and Megalodon were reskinned in update v4.1 (Mecha Sharkjira). Here’s a short video comparing the old and new designs.


  1. iOS USERS: The update will be released in a few weeks. Confirmed by Hungry Shark on Facebook, the release for iOS has been delayed due to the need to comply with Apple's updated store guidelines.

  2. Anti Rex 3000 The Legendary Dinosaur Shark YT says:

    I Kinda Both Like Old And New
    But Ok
    I’ll Get Used To it

  3. Эм а мозозавр

  4. Thrasher is a little weird now; i guess it's because the mouth's color. But the colors, as the others, is just fine.

  5. Is it delayed on iOS ? If it delayed I hate you hungry shark world

  6. I like The Colors But I Wish They Did The Others as well.

  7. i will miss the old skins that i grew up with when i first pplayed it in 2015

  8. I’ve only been able to get the Megalodon And Great white Re-Models!

    How do you get the other Re-Models?

  9. I don't like update hungry shark world I hate update

  10. I LOVE How they Made the Great Hammerhead remodel

  11. Why can’t I get v4.2 on iOS?

  12. Basically Old Sharks But More Saturated/More Colorationz

  13. i miss the old zombie shark, i had zombie shark on my old phone i can still remember what hard work i did for zombie shark and i rlly want to find the screenshots

  14. Smoother than ever, wish they did that to all the sharks

  15. Good improvement. The redesigns have sharper textures and a more colorful and cartoony style. It fits the gameplay better.

  16. Something_from_space - Мой Телефон says:

    salmon update this video when

  17. i want old textures back i lovw thwm alot 😢😢😢😢

  18. I was like, "hold on the last time I played weren't these more bland?"

  19. for me the killer whale does not have a bent over fin

  20. Old:darker colours

    New:lighter colours

  21. I think you forgot stetachantus spike because they're remove the holes design on spike part maybe because some players had trypophobia and they also remove the eye pupils so it looks spike has glowing white eyes with light green pupils

    Despite of everything,you did well for this video

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