Hungry Shark World - New Shark - Great Hammerhead -

Hungry Shark World – New Shark – Great Hammerhead

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  1. TM丹S匕尺丹ㄥ口尺刀 says:

    is it gonna be on android yet?

  2. I want this game so bad. But it's not worldwide

  3. Wiat how did you get 99,000 coins so fast after you unlocked the megamouth shark ?

  4. Bagoyee your Great Hammerhead gameplay is third. make first gameplay, VBGaming11 second gameplay and you third of this shark. My favourite shark from XL sharks is Tiger Shark, because he got great bite and his speedy.

  5. bagoyee this video i will like it because your the best in hungry shark evolution and hungry shark world

  6. there is another name for great hammer head is sphryrna mokarran

  7. let's call it old Hitler you know the big hammer head shark

  8. My GreatHammer is black why it is pink😮?

  9. wtf pink great hammerhead? i thought smooth hammer head is pink not that.

  10. I wish I didn't miss out on on all these awesome updates but I just started 4 or 5 months ago.Fuck!!!!!

  11. my god
    the great hammerhead is purple
    the new one is gray

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