Hungry Shark World - New Baby Shark - Phil The Great White -

Hungry Shark World – New Baby Shark – Phil The Great White

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  1. I like Dave, he may be creepy but he does it with style.

  2. Can you do a video with all the baby sharks at once or the max limit?

  3. Can you equip these babies with any shark?

  4. The baby helps you get the gold rush a lot faster.

  5. I like the hammerhead.And what is that "Daily chest" Thing?

  6. Can you tell us when hungry shark world will come out on all devices?

  7. Bagoyee how did you get Hungry Shark World in the App Store?

  8. my favorite baby from Hungry Shark world is Felix

  9. what's your favourite baby in hungry shark world????Mine is Phil

  10. mine is phil and you can have 3 babies sharks

  11. My Great White in my Hungry Shark World game is about to be my Facebook King Shark

  12. i think phil is a great babyshark but he is 500 gems it is to many gems maby in the fuiter phil will be less gems

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