Hungry Shark World | Mutation Madness | Teaser Trailer 3 -

Hungry Shark World | Mutation Madness | Teaser Trailer 3

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An explosion at the Glutwell secret laboratory has released a glowing gloopy green ooze into the ocean. This deadly chemical is devastating the once clear waters and having strange effects on some of the #HungrySharks.

Hungry Shark World is out now and free to download. Play now and get ready for our biggest ever update – Extinction!

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  1. I'm a Brazilian fan and don't do this to me, I really want this

  2. متى هذا التحديث انا متحمس جدا للتحديث

  3. Am so happy gaming beaver played the update to but I don’t get it about the shop that’s cheap now and the gadgets but I love the hungry shark team forever

  4. Dark magic shark:Ight Imma Just Lazer The Barrel

  5. Hope you make the update on all platforms you assholes.

  6. update the game and put multiplayer in the game

  7. Any wonder what’s the lore of this game. Like who’s that doctor from the first game, and the giant crab like did it have baby’s and are they going to come to this game, are the two games take place in the same time or is this one even a prequel and wtf is that fish with a face on it on the first game and why does he have a man-cave with a portrait of him. Some one please make a theory about this game please!!

  8. Hi owner i cant update my game or if its not in update lol i didnt know but i cant update my game

  9. Finally I’m happy more updates are coming 🙂

  10. Nightmare Bonnie and Springtrap Show says:

    Why not mr snappy and big mama because they are extinct

  11. Ik what the names are cause i watched hungry shark vids its ancient megalodon alpha zombie shark and meltdown shark

  12. Man its had not showed up in my hungry shark world😓


  14. socialist people's libyan arab jamahiriya says:


  15. So a toxic whatever thing fell into a ocean full of sharks only 3 shark got infected.

  16. Im have the uptade now and im have 4428 pearls aaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  17. Ancient Megalodon : yo i look cool!

    Alpha Zombie Shark : help this is the second time i got a virus that people can't be safe from it


    you must be waiting for it



  18. It's already have one year of anniversary the new update part 3 in Hungry Shark World right.

  19. 0:13 when your mutated but you got mutated again by a toxic barrel from the factory

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