hungry shark world - Monster, #shorts #shark #monster -

hungry shark world – Monster, #shorts #shark #monster

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  1. Treasher=Dark Magic(enchanted)=Abyssal(enchanted)Tiger=Atomic(Mutant)=Meltdown(2nd Mutant)Megalodon=Ancient Megalodon(Mutant) or Zombie(Undead)=Alpha Zombie(Mutanted Undead)Alan=Cosmic Alan(Mutant)Sharkjira=Shin Sharkjira(Undead)Momma=Matriarch?

  2. socary😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  3. The ancient megladons non monster shark makes no sense that shark does not exist in the game

  4. Guys is here nuke explode in deep deep sea and is monster shark is mutant shark is mutant from explode


  6. a sherly look at me

    inf money hafe alll skin

  7. Языковая школа Марины Харловой "Ni Hao" says:

    Древний мегалодон нравеца у меня Хагришарк есть

  8. Esos tienen esos mismos juegos pero cómo se convierten y uno puede sentir grande ese juego lo que yo ya no quiero que conviertan eso quiero que sean normales los tiburones

  9. I wish that happened in the apex version but it's not, the atomic shark is my best and fastest plus strongest shark

  10. Do you guys even play hungry shark world?

  11. The sand shark isn't the meltdown shark, the tiger shark is. The Meltdown shark would be the tiger shark mutated twice because he uses to be the Atomic Shark, the first mutated version of himself.

  12. Daisy daisy give me your awnser do,im half crazy for the love of you,it wont be a stylish marrige

  13. Все эти акулы у меня есть

  14. i hate the music even know it sounds like msm

  15. Bro the megalodon is the big mutated one

  16. 🐋🐋🐳🐳🦈🦈🦈🦈🪼🪼

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