Hungry Shark World: Meet the Sharks | Shark Week | Ubisoft [NA] -

Hungry Shark World: Meet the Sharks | Shark Week | Ubisoft [NA]

Ubisoft North America
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The shark week 30th anniversary has started. It’s a Hungry Shark World out there.

Here’s a casting call for all eager sharks, in all shapes and sizes, for Hungry Shark Week. Meet the candidates: Porbeagle, Whaleshark and The Great White Shark

About: Hungry Shark® World is now available on PS4™, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch™. Experience an arcade adventure that’s been fully redesigned and optimized for consoles. Feast on everything from tiny tropical fish and crabs to helicopters and gigantic whales. Take on fearsome bosses as you venture into the depths to find trapped sharks, hidden treasure, and more.

Key Features:

Adventure: Spread terror on the ocean by controlling more than 20 different sharks, starting small and progressing to the meanest predator in the sea.

Boss Battles: Challenges are around every corner – from gruesome goblin sharks to prehistoric monsters and giant submarines.

Missions: Fight man, machine, and beast with more than 250 missions that will put your shark skills to the test.

Explore the Ocean: Venture into the depths to unlock treasures and missions across four unique locations.

Hungry Shark World: Meet the Sharks | Shark Week | Ubisoft [NA]


  1. Why not on PC too, dam it now I really need to buy a ps4

  2. Wait a sec……this is old I remember seeing this exact add months ago

  3. Anyone else won the Killer Whale through the challenge?

  4. 0:35 is the face i make when i spill my freshly grinned weed on the floor

  5. Anyone else noticed that grabatron poster in the thumbnail? Damn that was a fun game with a concept that could've been greatly expanded too bad it vanished from the app store

  6. Don't know what this is
    But I like it! 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  7. How come sharks have Adam's Apple? Lot of Fun though

  8. I had the megladon but my friend deleted the game and the saved file ;(

  9. Anyone realize this was posted years ago this is a repost

  10. Guys we need some bigger sharks an a new map on .evolution .what's up with that

  11. omggg i need the whaleshark ballerina skin!

  12. And the hurtful part is even do I can download the game I can't play it cause the app says I'm not in their standards 😔😔😔
    So please Ubisoft/FGOL help us out

  13. I think us need use the sharkopath , from Future Is Wild (sorry for my bad English)

  14. I am playing for his beautiful and the lack of a limit playing game

  15. Make a new shark plz🦈❤️❤️❤️❤️😄😄😄

  16. You guys should make an animated short on horse haeven

  17. hungry shark evolution poster on the right

  18. I'm a little late but I'm a big fan of hungry shark 1, 2, 3, Evolution and world so can you give me a bag of hungry shark plis, I live in Peru

  19. Porbeagle: [Looks around, with his tounge out]
    Great White (HSE): Hey there, your here to cast for the new Hungry Shark game? [Tries to get his attention]
    Porbeagle: [Notices Great White and his pupils widen] FOOD [Tries to Eat him Whole]

  20. Hungry shark evolution meets the hungry shark world

  21. La pregunta es xomo respiran y como camina XD

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