Hungry Shark World - Meet The Sharks: Shark Week Trailer -

Hungry Shark World – Meet The Sharks: Shark Week Trailer

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Meet the candidates of a casting call for Hungry Shark Week.

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  1. Yo tengo tdos los tiburones llevo jugando mucho

  2. that’s not how the trailer ended, it ended with the great white shark being too strong and lifted the other shark up and banger him on the table

  3. 0:13 anyone see the assassins creed 2 shark poster in the background?

  4. Team forstress music:Meet the shark

  5. there should have been a

    candidate 23


  6. Qué gracioso jajaja 😂😸😂😸😸😸😂😂

  7. Pobre. Tiburón ballena 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  8. Which app do you use to edit things like this! This video is amazing!!!!!

  9. P!creowolwa I’m in plan. S by B B I’m up to. )
    We will be w

  10. Akulah penonton setia mu yang tadi aku balas Terengganu aku iPhone and iPad laptop apa-apa saja duitkah

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