Hungry Shark World - Launch Trailer | PS4 -

Hungry Shark World – Launch Trailer | PS4

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With 500 million mobile downloads, the award-winning Hungry Shark series dives on PS4! Sink your teeth into this exclusive deep-sea adventure! Control more than 20 different sharks, take on challenging bosses and unlock missions and treasures!

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  1. Why it is not free make it Free please i dont buy it

  2. I need sharks with FRICKIN laser beams attached to their heads!!

  3. Eu costumava jogar muito o Evolution à mais de 4 anos atrás. Bons tempos de Moto G que não voltam mais 🙁

  4. one big question free or paid please be free

  5. What is the thing that megamouth shark hold on his fin?

  6. Wait isn't this game full of micro transactions? Sony…what's your plan!

  7. Quick question:
    Can you transfer mobile progress onto the PS4 through cloud of Facebook like you can between devices?

  8. I think you need put croc characters and one again i just tell you of i have shark can upgrade what ever

  9. Pink

    Él que entendió entendió

  10. Cómo le Google play store gratis para play 4 no esta gratis

  11. But it's free on the app store, could've cast onto the TV with my phone lol!!

  12. Can youl please put this game for rhe demo please

  13. Can you connect your original hungry shark account on to your ps4?

  14. Will the ps4 version get more updates?

  15. i love this game im geting it on my ps4 the nextday i used to have iton my xbox

  16. Please can you make the game free I don't want to spend my money I'm saving up for fortnite vbucks

  17. Que lástima que el PS3 y Xbox 360 no tuvieron está belleza de juegazo

  18. Is it a case game or a install and play game

  19. 0:39


  20. I hope that hungry shark evolution will come to ps4

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