Hungry Shark World - Have you seen the Galleon of the Dead? -

Hungry Shark World – Have you seen the Galleon of the Dead?

Ubisoft Future Games Of London
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PIRATES UPDATE!! Get ready! A group of scurvy pirates has boarded Hungry Shark World!

Take your shark for a treasure hunt in the mysterious sunken galleon level, face new deadly enemies and get a chance to unlock a new companion, Jasper the Ghost Pet!

Want to live the life of a Hungry Shark?

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  1. So, this is what all of the special sharks have been leading up to, The Galleon of the Dead. Well this is it.

  2. ghost sharks, pirate ships,skeletons and possibly new map.

  3. Make Megalodon trailer in Hungry Shark Shorts!

  4. when it will be out, so me the wobbegong can play

  5. Hi FGOL. I have been playing this game for a very long time, I love it so much and I really like it when there are new updates. Pls keep it up.

  6. new update, awesome I could play the update in my channel!!!! Yarr

  7. 😫no! but i have been to the gallon wrekage


  9. When are you guys going to add a new !! Shark it's been 7 months since the last one. It's getting boring

  10. I have this version ,no map though and the galleon is the same

  11. omgggg nee baby shark i saw it maybe the galleon ship get an upgrade i dont know but im happy there comes a new baby shark

  12. I have updated the game but I didn't find the pirate ship, could anyone tell me where to find it?🙁

  13. Krusty krab music was playing lol

  14. ohhhh come on! i just uninstalled my game! :'(

  15. if you already updated Hungry Shark world then there will be a new pet call Jasper looks really cool

  16. แซนดิส ควยยาว9นิ้ว says:

    I Want This Game in Thai.

  17. hey ubisoft why not add playable skeleton shark,and special shark like narwhal,pyro shark,ghost shark,ice shark,lightning shark,robo shark,and 3 new maps and create hungry shark online

  18. I can't seem to update the game for Amazon kindle fire

  19. What's the name of the song in this? Please, if anyone knows, I'd be very grateful.

  20. future games of London I LOVE playing this game I only started a few weeks ago and I got the Mega mouth the Mega mouth is so good I really needed it oh and I forgot to tell you this I subscribed to your channel and commented on it so can you do the same please

  21. i found 2 secret in the map that you guys hid, one is in the hpttom left of the map near ship, secong is somewhere inside the ship lead to a hole with a gem fish and golds, the best map👍

  22. FutureGamesOflodon why did you add Moby dick kill mosasaurus and mosasaurus was bigger than Moby dick

  23. FutureGamesOflodon can you add predator x in hungry shark evolution and a orca

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