Hungry Shark World - Have you seen the Galleon of the Dead? -

Hungry Shark World – Have you seen the Galleon of the Dead?

Ubisoft Future Games Of London
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PIRATES UPDATE!! Get ready! A group of scurvy pirates has boarded Hungry Shark World!

Take your shark for a treasure hunt in the mysterious sunken galleon level, face new deadly enemies and get a chance to unlock a new companion, Jasper the Ghost Pet!

Want to live the life of a Hungry Shark?

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  1. sleeper sharks predator x and the bloop we want them

  2. Hungry Shark Evolution dinosaur dimension and for Hungry Shark world a giant robot shark for a boss please make it!

  3. now I know this is big and you spend a lot of time on sharks can we get crocodile shark

  4. pueden poner un nuevo tiburón
    like si quieren qué lo aga

  5. my mom thinks that a skunk shark would be awesome 💡 an admissible shark

  6. here's some sharks that are not in the game: lepord shark, Greenland shark, zebra shark, and frill shark. I also know one more special shark. for the XXL sharks, I thought about the helicoprion

  7. FGOL I got something to say
    I was about get the megalodon and the game just glitches out
    Then it says sorry we were not able to save your game data
    Fix it

  8. How about helicorpion
    Pls make this update

  9. plz fgol give me 1 598 gems

  10. guys go to YouTube and spell carter and sear Frontflips off a shed must watch and like that video and subscribe!!!!!

  11. And Add Skeleton Shark Please Just like Megalodon

  12. Can you change the atomic shark hw it was last year because I don't like this new one

  13. Thank you very much im so very happy


  15. can you make it so like people have usernames and don’t have to use face book to do it and we can friend other people and chat

  16. I laughed when he talked pirate 🏴‍☠️ language

  17. Sorry, I don’t talk the pirate 🏴‍☠️ language…

  18. Hi guys but the gallon is gone now forever

  19. The game is wonderful, but my account is weak, and I cannot use it or bribe with a game because my financial condition is weak. Can you give me a code to get the bug of the new shark. Please, if you accept, talk to me on Instagram

  20. I think that update is in November 1 Halloween

  21. I like this version of the game than the new one

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