Hungry Shark World | Green Game Jam 2023! -

Hungry Shark World | Green Game Jam 2023!

Hungry Shark
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Be a Ray of Light with Francis in the latest Hungry Shark World update! Save the Baby Mantas from the evil clutches of Glutwell Corp. and be a hero! Now available on iOS and Android!

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  1. Why don’t you get to see your friends in huger shark world????

  2. As a YouTuber, I'm looking forward to the next splash pass of season 7!

  3. El tráiler me gustó muchoThe tráiler is every god

  4. So fucing noob I spend all day to correct 10k pearl and this is I received 😢

  5. I want to ask, yesterday I missed the 66% discount on killer whale shark, and I'm very sorry because I missed the purchase, will I get a discount on killer whale again in the future? does he appear again at my discount?

  6. Ubisoft, why don't you add new fish to eat, as well as new locations? Players are waiting for this

  7. I just played you game it's sooooooo fun I liked the game

  8. It's Sixth Splashing Time! 😎
    Also, Manta 'Francis' looks awesome!
    She looks like that came from space like Cosmic Alan! 🌟 (uhhh, 'she' right?)

  9. how about creating new map or atleast new extention map

  10. I love the update looks very amazing I love it I like the new game mode the new shark I love everything about the update keep up your great work😊😅😮😢🎉😂❤

  11. We miss new shark in hungry shark evolution

  12. Please add a sawnose shark! Link to the channel "Hungry shark movie and trailer"

  13. o hungry shark primal vai cer cancelado 😰 porquê meu comentário tem 0 like

  14. Please make action figures out of these sharks

  15. The only people excited about all the new goofy ah stupid sharks they’re coming out with are children under the age of 12.

  16. I'm curious, could the Hungry Shark series possess hidden lore that we have yet to discover? I'd personally be fond of this game having a legendary story to tell.

  17. Next is Felix

    An animatronic Shark connected to the book series (Fazbear frights)

  18. Does anyone agree that they should make more Hungry Shark Shorts?

  19. Alright so i want new bosses in hungry shark evolution, hungry dragon, and hungry shark world. Because players don’t want to have to fight the same boss. Over and over again. We need more bosses!

  20. Since when does a manta eat sharks 💀 and we need some updates on hungry shark evolution if we releasing mantas might as well release a kracken for hungry shark world

  21. Hey hungry shark I don't know if they can add multi player mode for more fun lla I get bored of the same thing in the game😂

  22. You guys know what shark game I miss most? Hungry shark heroes onw of my fav ones until it got cancelled 🙁

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