Hungry Shark World - Gold Rush Full Theme -

Hungry Shark World – Gold Rush Full Theme

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  1. imagine you’re in a submarine about to return to the surface and you hear this

  2. Will be honest, this is better than Evolution Gold Rush.

  3. Everybody gangsta till sharks played gold rush theme

  4. I remember trying to keep it going I got two back to back once

  5. Banjo + Synthesizer + Repeater = 2015 GOLD RUSH [HSW]

  6. Hungry shark evolution sharkjira vs magmajira

  7. When you on the titanic submarine and this bitch start playing

  8. What the people in the Submarine Heard until there demise happend💀💀💀

  9. How jaws should have ended:

  10. What the people in the Oceangate sub heard:

  11. I am a big master of the best game hungry shaaaaaaaaararrrrrrk❤❤❤🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈

  12. Newest Jaws Movie Plot:

    "Why am I gold?"

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