Hungry Shark World Glitch 2021 -

Hungry Shark World Glitch 2021

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Hungry Shark World Glitch 2021
Hi guys This is Dani here i just found this glitch in Arctic Ocean using Meltdown Shark. Have you experienced this glitch too if yes please let me know in the comments Thanks for watching my videos stay tuned for New update coming soon and Subscribe to reach 100K Subscribers now :
Link :
hungry shark world glitch


  1. Cool bug. Me, I found a funny bug. my sharkjira had the texture of spike. it was very weird

  2. Wow epic awesome amazing dope super cool love it
    Tristan – 2021

  3. It happen to me too my shark can still use power but dead and other eat while dead

  4. Yeah I've done this glitch like a month ago im not trying to be mean

  5. Thats kinda glitchy you should fix it i think

  6. ye i found the unkillable bug is not my fault is in the boat with my megaledon but i got killed by a human after

  7. Firts time i see hungry shark send a glitch video 😁😁😁👍👍👍👍

  8. Oh god thats not good you have to leave in the game and if not work and try again im so scared if that game if glitched

  9. There is a bug with dark magic shark
    If you use the laser beans in the shipwrek in pacific islands when you are going to leave from the using the laser beans you cant eat anything more you can only eat again if you use the lasers beans again

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    Faz o Seguinte quando tiver a competição da Lula Colossal Derrota a lula e sai voando no céu

  11. Me too I have a glitch in my cellphone hungry shark world

  12. I have, im in arabian sea, then i was under the water and i saw a scuba diver in there then when i go to eat that guy, i was shocked cause he was liek there is an invisible wall or something so i cant eat him also where is the valentines free gift?

  13. Also found glitch when i fly i was just in withe erya use killer whale

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