hungry shark world GamePlay walkthrough ultra HD part 1 -

hungry shark world GamePlay walkthrough ultra HD part 1

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Saat ini main game di HP memang jadi pilihan dari pada main game di consol seperti Nintendo, iPad, Playstation, Xbox, atau PC/laptop.

Karena bentuknya yang compact dan mudah dibawa-bawa membuat smartphone menjadi pilihan utama sebagai media untuk main game
Hungry Shark World brings you the craziest feeling. With a wide mouth and sharp teeth, you can chew and swallow everything. The smell of blood makes the shark crazier. The more he eats, the more he grows and wants to eat more.

You will be “eating” a total of over 100 different animals in this game. They can be small fish, big fish, boats, even unlucky tourists. The gameplay is simple, you just use one finger to control the sharks swimming. This game is especially when it hits the water surface, sharks can jump on the shore to attack visitors are sunbathing on the beach. Do not overdo it because after a while, if you don’t go down to water, your shark will run out of oxygen and die (of course).


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