Hungry Shark World | Gaia's Powerful Abilities -

Hungry Shark World | Gaia’s Powerful Abilities

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Get in the game to unleash Gaia’s full potential with the Blossom Mine and Thorn Mine abilities –

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  1. Just wondering is there a way to purchase it with coins instead of gems?

  2. Hi I’m Timmy I have started a missile crisis either way me and my boyfriend would like to play together in huggy shark evo please add muiltyplayer

  3. Por favor Hugry Shark medas 500 gemas José

  4. It's time to start grinding again boys, this shark looks dope!

  5. Gaia is finally the Newest !! Shark and join the Hungry Shark World Team!!

  6. Still weaker than the Apex sharks

  7. Gaia's Attack Potency is probably Small Building Level and Dark Magic Shark is Small Building Level to Building Level.

  8. Gaia was born on November 8, 1808 and the Youngest Ancient Shark in all of Hungry Sharks!!

  9. I'm so glad it's only a "!!" shark. Not every new shark has to be the biggest ever

  10. I like Gaia's abilities: Thorn Mines and Blossom Mines. 🌸🌱
    She also should have… Poison ☠️, because some other "plant persons" has it.

  11. I wish there will be more map in hungry shark world

  12. Looking forward to play with The new best shark in the whole game (my opinion )

  13. Why does it cost 1500 gems and not coins bruh.
    All that grinding for nothing.

  14. Pensé que solo salvando a los 100 tiburones lo obtendría, pero vale 1500 gemas 😶

  15. Does anyone played hungry shark on November 10?

  16. Sharkjira's cells + Gaia's cells = Biojira(Based on Biollante)
    Sharkjira's cells + Space Crystal = Space Sharkjira(Based on Spacegodzilla)

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