Hungry Shark World Boss Music | Extended | -

Hungry Shark World Boss Music | Extended |

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The Hungry Shark World boss theme Extended


  1. The thumbnail is something I didn't know I needed until now

  2. That's nice boss music and looks like mine 😉

  3. I require stage music because I'm too lazy to spend like an hour of surfing the Internet to find any of it.

  4. You probably needed an Tiger shark it has more Stamina in his tooth than great white

  5. Notice that that this music goes with the original theme music.

  6. I used to have the atomic shark now i accendentaly deleted the game 🙁

  7. I imagine this music would play if I were to pretend kill some furries.

  8. I beat this purple boi using the ancient megalodon with its speed

  9. You know how it's almost Halloween well I got a creeper costume haha do you guys have a creeper costume I also have a sword and I'm really good at Minecraft and I got lots of figures

  10. I play Hungry Shark world because it's so awesome and I even unlocked all the sharks Megalodon I even got an ancient Megalodon I got a killer whale and I got a Megalodon the world's lamest sharks in the whole world hahaha

  11. Renilda Christine Gabriel Danielo Toisuta says:

    Thanks for you 😎

  12. When aliens are coming to attack the earth

  13. 2:29 when there is a severe thunderstorm and I was about to see a lot of lightning flash and high winds

  14. Subtitles: DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN…nevermind

  15. 1:26 seriously, this is a part that I want to listen to over and over.

  16. I like this theme. I thinks in my opinion it goes well with this Boss Fight.
    Man Hungy Sharks have some good music too!

  17. this is the sound was drumming inside collossal squid's brain when she is fighting the sharks 0:23
    (Sorry for the terible english im a Brazilian boy)

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