Hungry shark world blue whale stk -

Hungry shark world blue whale stk

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Here is my stk of one of the prey in hungry shark world, the blue whale is prey in hungry shark world that can only be eaten if you have a xxl or a higher Shark, they can be found in very deep areas in hungry shark world, they are slow, clam, and harmless, the weaker whale is either a calf or a female that can eaten in one bite by a !! Shark, a great white shark or a whale shark with a fully upgraded bite,

This is also my first hungry shark world stk,
My first whale stk, and the most bizarre looking stk I ever made on stick nodes because look at the face of that stk!!! Man that is going to give you nightmares


  1. 😑😑😑😑 blue whale evil gilsaaaa

  2. Tengo una duda por que la dallena del juego no es tan grande la dallena tiduron

  3. Whale shark and basking shark and geat white shark eat blue whale

  4. Megalodon shark not eat sharks be megalodon shark eat whale and whale shark and basking shark and geat white shark eat blue whale

  5. does anyone know that a baby whale is as big as a whale shark in hungry shark world?

  6. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooloooooltttttttt

  7. Uhhh this was by mobizen you just copied it from someone else you recorded it with a app named mobizen that lets you record your screen copy catter

  8. God cop yes❤️❤️❤️

  9. What wrong with that jaw man?!?? Lol

  10. Could you do a stk video of Dark Magic Shark vs Killer Whale?

  11. 🤦 that is not a blue whale that is a 🤔🤔😐 I don't now

  12. Whale sharks can grow up to 28 ft long and can reach links over 30 to inches the basking shark can grow up to the 20 over 29 in

  13. xxl
    Ahora puedes comer los sigiente
    🐋🐬 puedes romper 💎💎💎

  14. If only the blue whale could be played as well as other characters, it would definitely be good

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